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QUOTE Originally Posted by StumpTownStu:
Dennis Rodman will be the real winner. You know he really set this meeting up. He's cool with the Prez, he runs thick with Kim.

 Yes.. ASTUTE observation...

The "WORM" was very instrumental in cultivating this relationship....must have been that All-American "tude" he enlightened young KIM.....

You know he wants to visit "Disneyland" and ALL our stunning GOURGEOUS  National treasures his ilk are TOTALLY enamored with... ..really can't Blame him...daddy never let him enjoy life...only "DICTATING"..

Why would you EVER want to NUKE " God's greenest Earth"..

"Why can't We Be Friends"      

Yes..Kim Jong..even the Good ole USA will teach you how precious and ENJOYABLE Life should be.....Now Go and treat your peeps RIGHT....

This is why DJT will take home the hardware..deservingly at that....
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DARK..I'm so sorry you suffer THS....

With pending IG report about to be released, it  represents just the beginning of many swamp creatures being extinquished..

It's so refreshing to have a POTUS who actually DOES what he says he's going to accomplish...

And to think I was so naive to set a 6' Over/under for indictments and 3' for swamp creatures wearing stripes.. 

It's going to be a very entertaining summer....Let JUSTICE be served..especially TO  the biggest RAT of em' all...Comey

THE TRUTH will ALWAYS Set You Free....
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SABAN..I would like to complement you on several excellent posts in your thread 

And some actually think the DEMS are GOING to have a Landslide next NOVEMBER..

Cova's Brothers..this is how you MAGA.....

Real LEADERSHIP resides again @ 1600 Pennsylvania 

Btw..what did BOH actually accomplish to earn his......please list ONE thing credible..

And oh, don't say cuz he was the first African-American elected El Presidente'.....

Plz offer up any "feels" for either betting possibilities some 8 days out....All opines much APPRECIATED..

Any advice to SHARE to make it even better..??

Watching parties, Best places/All Inclusives??

Gonna be there ALL WEEK and heard it's a fricken' BLAST??

Btw..Covers.... SOUTHPOINT absolutle fuc*ed me on ALL my SB prop bets cuz there computers were down that fateful SB week morning...The CURSE of Big Game Brent.. I LOVE that place..where do you FIND a Horse/sports book like that ANYWHERE on this planet.....otherwise..this trip WOULD have been TOTALLY complimentary.....Oh fault depending on that ALL-Night sportsbook 

Happy 18' Tournament for us all...

LIKE My ex-father-in-law engrained in my ex-wifeys ear.."Don't believe HALF of what you hear"....


Another entertaining read  GG...
QUOTE Originally Posted by sundance:

Here is the link. Looks like a great show for wall and key!

And  for so many others POL forum dwellers....
Waited till I watched initial show before PLUGGING for it but it is GREATNESS 

The GREAT ONE (Mark Levin) now hosts a 1 hour segment on FOX on Sunday nights that could be the INITIAL educating Tool our great Republic needs to save itself.....

First show's guest was Walter Williams, ECO prof from George Mason....Awesome and informative Initial guest..Just tells it like it is.....Should be required watching for ALL high schoolers (especially the one that believe in Equality for ALL..

Get EDUCATED...Thank me later....

POTUS clearly stated @ CPAC today...Find car/conceal holder who LOVES,  knows and protects students..maybe even an  internal P.O. office.. but NOT a Teacher..that isn't what they signed up for...

Athletic coach, custodian, hall monitor, retired military, anyone ..even  office ladies....Love DJT idea of BONUS pay for Trained /Licensed  individual...Gotta really hope that each campus  can Find  ONE courageous "armed" .....person that can SAFELY protect EVERYONE.....multiple certified individuals a "must"..

Like DJT stated..make it a "hard target"....He's right...But it starts inside the school knowing, loving and nurturing those students despite their great different "backgrounds"..Create and cultivate a positive EDUCATIONAL environment  AND AMAZINGLY...most Schools do........BUT, .It's absolutely UNREAL how messed up some PARENTS lives  nowadays are.... unfortunately, it often teaches their kids similar  poor behavior...

Add in technology and the lack of kids going outside and playing....the social  scene is sooooo different nowadays...All possible socialists sheep with their fear of living for nothing which can strangle one's  will........Less we forget they all probably have THS to boot....

Carry on....literally...

QUOTE Originally Posted by thirdperson:


Myth is that food stamps are used to buy alcohol, drugs and cigarettes according to truthorfiction.  Actually, food stamp fraud is rare and government guidelines limit what can be purchased. 

Wallstreetcapper is right.  Trump's proposal would replace a system that is working to a risky system that increases bureaucracy and food waste.  Government isn't better in choosing food for your family than you are.  A similar government program "commodity supplemental food " is hard to administer.  Besides, distributing boxes of food to millions would be an inefficient logistical nightmare. 

According to USDA economic research, every dollar in SNAP benefits generates $1.80 in the economy which is among the most effective way to boost jobs and economic growth.  Also dividends in improving public health and reducing poverty according to Urban institute.

Sorry 3rd could NOT be more INCORRECT and yes..EBT cards "do boost" the economy but I'd love our stalwart posters to detail a more FAIR Welfare food providing program that eliminates all the fraudulent waste that is rampant with mailing out free gifts from Santa...

I know for a fact, an associate of mine traded her EBT card for tires for her car that also needed repairs....When I asked her what about food for her and her kid..she replied "I'm just going to that office and  tell them I lost my card and I NEED a new one..".. 

Absolutely the TRUTH...some folks know how to USE any Government system, program, and handout to their FULLEST benefit....Santa baby....I need that FREE  Obama phone....

Poor people ain't stupid...just look at all the street corner beggars..same EXACT place every day...Always with their sad face making one feel guilty into rolling down window handing them  $$....All to support their bad habits resulting from their poor decisions which got them there in the first place..

It's all about our OWN personal choices..
The majority of all the rules and laws are made for the 5-10% who can't behave or act like normal, responsible, free loving Americans pursuing Life, Liberty and Happiness....

Carry on.....

QUOTE Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

"Throughout our lives we all experience a great deal, both ups and downs. Some of those experiences are in many cases very difficult to reveal or even recall"

How about one that is impossible because you don't know WHY?  If you don't know WHY something happened and there is no way you will ever know WHY it happened... it haunts you forever.

What was your darkest hour MB?

Ricky I tried to write this last night and just couldn't work my way through it.  By far this is the most darkest and depressing event of my life and still haunts me forty years later. 

It was the best of times.  My Senior year of High School was a breeze.  My best friend Bill lived in one of the nicest mansions in town.  His father was a big VP at Aetna Insurance.  Four car garage to work on cars and we rebuilt his 69 GTO and our bud Brian's 67 Vette to be the sweetest cars in town.  If anybody in school needed car work, we were the go to guys.

On Bill's property was also a stable that housed their six horses.  Let me tell you, in case you don't have a clue, horses are BABE MAGNETS.  Better than money, better than cars, better than drugs, horses are the best.  We didn't play sports, had no extracurricular activities, so we took babes double back riding after school and worked on cars at night.

After graduation Bill was heading back to Texas to take care of family business and I had already been accepted at Bentley College in Boston.  We were both In Like Flynn and life was great.

Back on the other side of town in my neighborhood there were a couple Juniors and Sophomores who had a rock band and they were good.  They were VERY GOOD.  The Lead Guitar Randy was excellent.  Peter on Keyboards was phenomenal.  "Goober" on Bass and "Sticks" on Drums were OK.  But the Straw that Stirred the Drink was Brett, the Rhythm Guitar and Front Man.  Now what caught my interest was they played tunes I actually liked... ALLMAN BROTHERS!!!  "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed", "Whipping Post", "Rambling Man".  HEELL YEAH!!!

So I started hanging more with these guys.  They looked up to me because I was older and Brett would take my advice on tunes.  I would help with the roadie work and of course all summer long we partied our azzes off.  Even hooked Brett up with an old bakery truck that Bill fixed up to haul their equipment.

Well, all good things eventually must come to an end.  Bill was headed for Texas, me to Boston, and the band still stuck in High School.  Not that far for me to drive so I used to come back every couple weeks.  Life moves on, right?

Decided to stay in Boston one weekend instead of coming home.  Peter gives me a call on a Sunday morning and tells me Brett is missing.  "WTF you talking about, missing?"  "Well he never came home last night".  "So what?  He's shacked up with some babe and will probably come stumbling home today.  Talk with you later".

Monday, still no Brett.  Tuesday, still no Brett.  Ok, now I'm a little concerned.  Just not like Brett to blow everybody off, miss school and not even show up for band practices.

The Police found Brett the next weekend.  Suicide.  He stuck a shotgun in his mouth and blew his head off.

Nobody knew WHY.  WHY WOULD HE DO THIS?  When I got the news I just sat in my dorm room and sobbed for hours.  There were no warning signs.  No signs of any trouble.  WHY???

Then I start thinking, what if I had come home that Friday night instead of staying in Boston?  Would it, could it have not happened?  Sounds silly but I KNOW there would have been a Friday night practice if I was there.  No, I know it's silly to think things could have been different but still these thoughts run through your mind when you lose a friend by suicide.

The most difficult part is NOT KNOWING WHY.  WHY, WHY, WHY did Brett do this???  Forty years later and still have no answers.  Never will.  And that HAUNTS THE HELL out of me for the rest of my life.

That, was my darkest hour.

Unreal POST GG..thx for sharing this.......

LIFE is ALL about Woulda's, Coulda's, and Should Ov's..Don't EVER EVER look back..

Gotta ALWAYS be Grateful for what LIFE has Left for EACH One of us..

 Great Thread
QUOTE Originally Posted by jamesxnj:

What ever happened to the rose bush/fence issue you were pissed about here with neighbor? Ever bring it up at anger mngt. meetings? I mean ya gotta talk about something there huh? Ever asked the person in charge if the same garbage happened to him/her WTFWYD?

The whole GC offered help/ advice the way I see it as a lot of other people did here also..would like to hear more details as well.

p.s Liked the LedZep story..mine similar but Black Oak Arkansas/Black Sabbath 1972 Asbury Park NJ. never saw Led Zep

Do you REALLY have to attend these?? I hope you go there REALLY HIGH, , and Plenty of NCAA BB action  concurrently...
QUOTE Originally Posted by zebrakiller:
do you still wank the woody ?

QUOTE Originally Posted by I_Need_A_Detox:
Why did you say Trump had a zero percent chance to win the election? 

Valid Question GG..aren't your ASSETS improving?
QUOTE Originally Posted by Hugh_Jorgan:

The only reason I will respond to your post is that I feel obligated to enlighten the simpletons of this world

The NY Post has never been considered part of the MSM for a few reasons.
In years past, it was rightfully considered a bit tabloidish due to the hyperbole and rhetoric of it's content. 
In recent years the Post has cleaned up its news coverage and no longer posts stories for the sole purpose of inciting, but it maintains a conservative lean, which makes it heavily criticized by those in the MSM.

Now the reason that the NY Times is a "rag" is that, as shown in the NY Post article, it ran a blatantly false story for the sole purpose of undermining a POTUS. 

Do you understand now? Probably not.
I could provide more examples, but sometimes you just can't fix stupid prophetic some NINE months later,,,

FREEDOM from your "Bondage..."  

Turns out BOH actually might have been INVOLVED with all this corruption to begin with...

Pages text to her lover Strozck ???

September 2, 2016 Page...."potus wants to know everything we are doing."

Where are all the national Security Daily briefing notes that BOH sat in on????

Also...isn't ominous that Barry is not seen or heard from lately???

When is the SECOND Council going to be appointed Mr AG Jeff Sessions...??

It's hilarious listening to all these rats HOLDER..
QUOTE Originally Posted by packers1992:

8 hour fillibuster on the floor of the hosue to defend the rights of illegal aliens over American citizens. She talked about how great the DACA folks are but doesn't tell you 73% are on welfare.......because welfare folks are Democrat voters. Hard working people don't vote Democrat.......Hardly working people do as well as illegals and dead people seem every election to vote Democratan_light

If illegals would vote for the GOP Pelosi and Schumer would be like the A-Team. They'd have mohawks and cigars in their mouth with machine guns at the border blowing illegals heads off when they tried to sneak in the countryan_light

Don't believe thats its all about votes? Just ask Julian Castro Democrat congressman from San Antonio who said:

"If we get a minimum of 1.8 million maximum of 11 million to be citizens we will turn Texas Florida Arizona and Georgia blue and we rule for 50 years"

They gave away the game guysan_light

great post Pack 

If it wasn't for welfare needing immigrants..who would Democrats..

I don't see TRUMP keeping his offer on the table now  

With GOD on your side...GOOD things are sure to follow..

Great Job Nick and CONGRATS to all us Iggle Believers..
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