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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered so you can get back to making epic sports picks. Review one of the sections below to find answers.

Please visit our top sportsbooks page for our recommended online sportsbooks in your area. Every sportsbook that we list has been carefully evaluated by our expert reviewers.

Sports betting regulations in the USA vary from state to state. Find out if sports betting is legal in your state at our where to bet on sports in the USA section. Those living in other countries will want to check with their local gambling laws before placing a bet.

In general, there isn’t one sportsbook that offers the best odds for all events. Because of this, many sports bettors will have accounts at multiple sportsbooks so that they can take advantage of the best odds on each game. To find the best odds on a certain game, check out our odds comparison tool.

You can find the best sign-up bonus for the sportsbooks in your area at our top sportsbook page. Just remember that the biggest bonus isn’t always the best bonus. Be sure to read the terms and conditions to find the bonus that is best for you.

Regulated sportsbooks in the USA do not accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for deposits or withdrawals. Those living in Canada or other countries may have access to some sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can see a full list of banking options for recommended sportsbooks in your region from our top listings page.

If you don’t have an account, you aren’t able to make any posts in the forums. If you have just recently registered for an account there are restrictions on new users. New users must wait ten minutes between making new posts, threads, or polls until they have made more than 20 posts. After the 20 posts threshold, the new time limit for all users is 30 seconds for posts and 10 minutes for threads. This is in place to help control spamming accounts.

Users with a rank of Referee or Linesman are the forum administrators and moderators, respectively. Users who have been punished for abusing forum rules and guidelines receive a Rehab status which puts these users in the penalty box, and if a user does something that is bannable, their status will show as Banned.

  • All users start off as Prospects which means they have made less than 501 posts
  • Rookies have made between 501 and 1001 posts
  • Veterans between 1001 and 5001
  • Captains between 5001 and 10001
  • All-Stars between 10001 and 15001
  • MVPs between 15001 and 20001
  • Hall of Fame between 20001 and 30001
  • Legends have more than 30001 posts

Unfortunately, you cannot edit your post or thread but that feature will be added to the forums in the Spring 2020.

There are forum rules and guidelines that we have been put in place to protect our users in some situations. You can find these guidelines here, or by clicking on the ‘Guidelines’ link found in the dropdown menu on the forum navigation bar.

(Desktop only) If you have an account with us, and are logged into that account, you can change your avatar as follows:

  1. Click on the profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Click on "My Account" from the list of options. On the left you should see a box with your current avatar and at the bottom of that box.
  3. Click on ‘Change Photo’ to edit your avatar. Here you have the option to choose one of Covers’ original avatar photos, or you may upload your own by clicking the "Choose File" button.
  4. Once you have chosen a file from your desktop select the "Custom profile photo" option and then click "SAVE" on the left-hand side of the pop-out menu.

If you have an account with us and are logged into that account, you can view followed threads and users on your profile page. To access your prfile page:

  1. Click on the profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Click on your display name, which is highlighted in orange, from the list of options.
  3. On your profile page you should see four tabs underneath your profile information. The tab labeled "Following" will show the users you follow, and the tab labeled "Subscribed" are threads you have created or are subscribed to.

Covers line is created by our own algorithm that factors in many different inputs.

Not at this time. We are working on adding live-betting odds for all games.

This is a quick way to compare a team’s performance in a particular stat category against an average across the league in that category. Vs league avg is displayed as a percentage of league average so a team with 70 is only achieving 70% of the league average. Likewise, a team listed as 125 is achieving 25% higher than the league average.

These are called Rotation numbers or bet numbers. Rotation numbers are assigned to every possible bet you can make at a sportsbook. It is a way to identify a wager and submit your bets without confusion. For brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, like those in Nevada, the rotation number is often found to the left of the game/teams on the sportsbook’s odds board.

This is the percentage of the Covers betting community that are on one side of a bet. The bets or picks made by the Covers community are done through our free-to-play contests. More consensus data is available for leagues, games and teams including the most successful bettors on each league and team for the current season.

Only gamble what you can afford/are willing to lose. Decide on the value of your bankroll and then stick to it. Bankroll should be disposable income. We recommend that you keep track of your performance.

A unit is a way to measure your wager without using a dollar (monetary) value. A general rule of thumb would be 1 unit = 1% of your total bankroll.

We recommend betting between 1% to 5% of your bankroll depending on how strongly you feel on the play and how risk averse you are. Remember you do not need to gamble on every game.

Stop and don’t chase your losses. Take a break. If you are not managing your bankroll correctly and gambling is affecting your everyday life visit our Responsible Gaming section.

A unit is a way to measure your wager without using a dollar value. A general rule of thumb would be 1 unit = 1% of your total bankroll. For example, if you have a $10,000 bankroll, a single unit would be $100. Our handicappers rate their plays between 1-10 stars, with 1* plays reserved for free picks, and most premium picks typically between 5-10 stars. The recommended wager (star rating) will dictate how much money you should be betting on that game.

We do not currently offer a trial period, but we do offer Free Picks which serve as a good starting ground for new users. We also offer a 50% off welcome bonus for your first purchase.

Absolutely. We do not store Credit Card information on the site, even if your card is saved to your profile (we only store last 4 digits). We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMEX), and now also accept PayPal!

Our free picks always carry a 1* rating, whereas our paid picks typically vary from 5*-10*. Although they are similar in presentation (both come with attached line and written analysis), free picks serve as a trial window to premium products. The handicapper’s process for releasing a free pick is the same as a premium pick, so it is a good way to ‘test the waters’.

If you buy a guaranteed pick, you are only charged if the advice provided for that pick is a winner. Non-guaranteed picks are less expensive, but you are charged at the time of purchase.

New users can register here. Simply fill in the blank boxes with your information and select register near the bottom of the page.

Once completed, you must verify your account by clicking the link within the verification email we send to you. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder as the verification email may end up there.

First, double check your username and password are entered correctly. The password is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown. If you have forgotten your password go to Forgot Password.

I’m sure my username and password are correct, and I still can’t login.

You should verify that "cookies" are enabled in your browser. Enabling Cookies.

Covers uses two types of cookies depending on how you login:

If you answer "No" to the "Remember Me " question, Covers creates a "per session" cookie to remember your name when you access different pages on the site. When you exit the browser, the information is lost. When you come back to visit, you need to login again.

If you answer "Yes" to the "Remember Me " question, a "persistent" cookie file is written to your computer's disk. When you come back to visit, Covers will access the file and automatically log you back in.

I’ve enabled cookies and still can’t login.

Contact us. Remember to include your username in your message so we can check your registration data.

If you are newly registering, you must verify your account by clicking the verification email we send to you. You must verify that you entered the correct email address. The verification email may have gone to your spam folder in your email.

While signed into your account you can change any of your account information here.

Unfortunately, we do not allow users to change their username. This is to keep our users honest within the contests and forums creating an identity for each user.

You would have to contact our support team to resolve this issue. They may ask some account specific questions to be sure you are the user of the account you wish to re-gain access to. This can be done by phone, email or live chat via our contact us page.

Everything you need to know about our privacy policy can be found here. This link can also be found near the bottom of every page, by clicking the "Privacy" link.

Yes. All Covers contests are 100% free to enter and play.

Cash prizes are paid via PayPal. Cash prize winners must go through a verification process in order to receive their prizes.

Merchandise prizes are shipped via postal service.

Covers Experts Credit prizes are sent via email.

King of Covers contest rules can be found here.

Streak Survivor contest rules can be found here.

Ultimate Race contest rules can be found here.

All Covers contest players must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Have a Covers account.
  3. Provide a valid email address.

In order to be eligible to win prizes.

All Covers contest prize winners are notified via email.

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