How To Bet a Same-Game Parlay: Risk, Tips & Strategies

Learn more about same-game parlays, including how to create your own and whether same-game parlays generally find themselves in the repertoires of experienced bettors.

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Even if you're new to betting, you've no doubt seen or heard mention of a" same-game parlay." Parlay bets allow bettors to wager on multiple games or outcomes at once and are part of many bettors’ routines. However, same-game parlays have only recently started to come into vogue.  

What are same-game parlays? 

Historically, sportsbooks often restricted same-game parlays. Still, many of the best same-game parlay betting sites allow bettors to construct parlays with events and outcomes found within the same game. 

Parlays allow bettors to combine different bet types or outcomes of multiple sporting events within a single stake. Each outcome the bettor selects (referred to as legs) must be correct for the bet to succeed. Of course, getting all of the selections in a parlay correct is significantly more challenging. Still, if you do, your payoff can be immense. 

A same-game parlay lets you connect the outcome of multiple events within a single game in a parlay. As in a regular parlay, you must correctly select the outcome of every leg for the bet to be successful. 

Suppose you wager on the moneyline of the Tampa Bay Lightning beating the New York Rangers and the goal total of the game being +5.5. In that case, both events must occur for the parlay to pay out.

It’s important to note that depending on your sportsbook, same-game parlays may be referred to by the following names: 

  • SGPs
  • single-game parlays
  • one-game parlay,
  • bet builder

Below is a list of how some of the most popular online sportsbooks brand their same-game parlays: 

Sportsbook Same-Game Parly Term
Same Game Parlay
DraftKings SGP, SGParlay, Same Game Parlay
PointsBet Same Game Parlay
bet365 Same Game Parlay
BetMGM One Game Parlay
Betway 1-Game Parlay
BetRivers Same Game Parlay, Bet Builder
Bet Builder

Rest assured, each name does indeed refer to a same-game parlay bet!

Risks of same-game parlay betting

Same-game parlays offer enormous potential to increase your winnings when you’re deeply confident in your prediction powers for multiple events within the same game. While there’s no denying that a same-game parlay can offer a strong return on investment, that doesn’t mean they’re not often high-risk wagers.

Sportsbooks love to offer same-game parlays because they are difficult to hit. Betting markets, especially in the big four North American leagues (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB), are well-calibrated and highly efficient at all major sportsbooks. It’s challenging to find an edge at the best of times.

Sportsbooks frequently take a higher margin than usual on same-game parlays. If you were betting on the Edmonton Oilers to beat the New York Rangers on the moneyline and Connor McDavid to score three goals, you might get odds of -120 on the moneyline and +235 on the player prop. However, suppose you were to wager on each of these events individually. In that case, you’d get -110 odds and +215 on the player prop.

Within a same-game parlay, sportsbooks charge you a higher vig and, by doing so, have a greater money-making opportunity for themselves at your expense. When you place a same-game parlay bet, you often sacrifice the expected value on your wager.

Sportsbooks actively entice bettors into same-game parlays because they are profitable for sportsbooks, especially when they offer significantly shorter odds on the events within parlays. In and of itself, this very fact should raise your eyebrows and alert you to the dangers of a same-game parlay bet. Sportsbooks love nothing more than having your money in their pocket!

That said, by no means do we mean that same-game parlays don’t have their utility. At the right time and place, you can garner a healthy profit.

How to bet a same-game parlays

Constructing a same-game parlay is relatively straightforward:

  • Select two or more events within the same game you think will occur 
  • Bet an appropriate amount based on your confidence 

Below, we’ll dive into the nuances between correlated and uncorrelated same-game parlays.

Correlated same-game parlays

To understand a correlated same-game parlay, let’s take a look at the NBA odds below: 

  1. Dallas Mavericks +7.5 (-112) @ Golden State Warriors
  2. Luka Doncic Over 34.5 points (-112)
  3. Steph Curry Under 3.5 Made Threes (+116)

This same-game parlay is correlated because if the Mavericks lose by less than 7.5 points or win (event No. 1), it’s more likely Luka Doncic will score more than 35 points (event No. 2). Finally, Steph Curry making less than 3.5 three-point shots (event No. 3) would go a long way to ensure that the Mavericks stay within their required 7.5-point margin. The Mavericks likely cover if Curry makes less than 3.5 three-pointers and Doncic has a great game. Hence, these events would comprise a correlated single-game parlay.

It is important to note that it would take only one of these events not occurring for the whole bet to lose. For example, suppose the results played out like this:

  • Luka Doncic scores 40 points (Correct)
  • Steph Curry makes one three-pointer (Correct)
  • Warriors beat Mavericks 100-92 (Incorrect)

One event being wrong means your whole wager is a bust and the sportsbook keeps your stake.

In a correlated SGP, a sportsbook takes a sizeable cut on your parlay odds. For example, using our parlay calculator, the above NBA lines would give you odds of +673 if you constructed a parlay containing each result.

Parlay Odds

FanDuel Odds Regular Parlay Odds
+496 +673
Stake: $100 Stake: $100
Total Return: $596 Total Return: $773

When we went to FanDuel, they offered +496 on the same parlay because sportsbooks opt to take a larger cut (or vig) on same-game parlay odds. Additionally, remember the odds attached to each event are probably already shorter than if you were betting them individually. For example, the Mavericks point spread might be +9.5 and not +7.5.

By using our odds calculator, you can see you would be sacrificing a difference of +173 (+673 minus the +496) by betting this SGP at FanDuel. You’d miss out on $173 in profit on a $100 bet. 

There’s no pre-determined formula to calculate how much your same-game parlay will pay. Evaluating your bet slip is paramount to determine how much you stand to win before placing any single-game parlay wager.

Uncorrelated same-game parlays

There’s also such a thing as uncorrelated same-game parlays. These wagers differ because the results of each leg are less connected than same-game parlays.

Let’s look at constructing a same-game parlay in the same game as above, but with different events within the parlay.

  1. Dallas Mavericks +7.5 (-112) @ Golden State Warriors
  2. Luka Doncic Under 34.5 points (-108)
  3. Steph Curry Over 3.5 Made Threes (-146)

In the example above, the Mavericks still need to win outright or lose by less than eight points. Still, in doing so, Curry will sink over 3.5 three-point shots, and Doncic will score less than 34.5 points. The combination of the Mavericks covering, Curry having a stellar performance, and Doncic not excelling is significantly less likely, so it is uncorrelated.

In this uncorrelated SGP, a sportsbook gives you longer odds than a conventional parlay. For example, using our parlay calculator, the above NBA lines would give you odds of +705 if you constructed a parlay containing each.

FanDuel Odds Regular Parlay Odds
+705 +514
Stake: $100 Stake: $100
Total Return: $805 Total Return: $614

However, because sportsbooks are keenly aware that if Curry goes in and Doncic doesn’t, the Mavericks are much less likely to cover. In this scenario, FanDuel offers +705, understanding that the uncorrelated nature of each event within the same game makes it less likely to transpire.

Same-game parlay betting tips 

Sportsbooks might love to offer up same-game parlays, but that doesn’t mean there’s no value to be found. Read on for a few sharp strategies below.

Make use of our parlay calculator Make use of our parlay calculator

Not sure if a parlay is correlated or uncorrelated in the same game? Use a parlay calculator and determine whether you’re getting longer or shorter odds at your sportsbook.

Knowing if the odds are long or short helps determine your expected value on your parlay. It also provides insight into what a sportsbook believes needs to occur to reach specific outcomes. For example, an NFL team that scores two or more first-half touchdowns will likely win the game, meaning these events are highly correlated.

Do your research and write a story to gain an edge Do your research and write a story to gain an edge

Bettors can always find value in the depths of sports. Fascinating and profitable tidbits find a way of tricking into the hands of bettors, sprinkled across the internet or mentioned in passing on broadcasts. To thrive in same-game parlay betting, you’ll need to take your research and translate it into a plausible narrative for that game.

For example, it took the Edmonton Oilers nearly three years to win a game wherein one of Connor McDavid or Leon Draisaitl didn’t record a point. If Edmonton were going against a weak defense or a tired goalie at home, wagering on the Oilers’ moneyline and McDavid and Draisaitl getting one point each would be wise.

It’s a solid narrative — Edmonton is a good home team, and McDavid and Draisaitl love to shred lackadaisical defense cores. More often than not, the two of them logging a point results in an Oilers' win.

Look out for voided legs Look out for voided legs

Say you bet on the Green Bay Packers to beat the New England Patriots. You parlay that Green Bay win with Aaron Rodgers scoring three or more passing touchdowns and Damien Harris getting Over 55 rushing yards. But, at the last minute, Aaron Rodgers is ruled out of action and doesn’t dress. Harris hits his yards, and Green Bay prevails, but your bet is in jeopardy because Rodgers doesn’t dress.

Some sportsbooks will void your bet and refund it, while others will mark it as a loss in this scenario. Make sure to scrutinize your sportsbooks’ terms and conditions in these scenarios to ensure you are not surprised.

Always shop around for the most favorable odds Always shop around for the most favorable odds

Each sportsbook will present you with different odds for your same-game parlay of choice, depending on your selected events. 

Check out how odds vary on the same three events across FanDuel, DraftKings, and bet365 below. 

Result FanDuel DraftKings bet365
Mavericks +7.5 -112 -120 -140
Doncic Over 34.5 points -112 -105 -115
Curry Under 3.5 three-point makes +116 +115 +125
Parlay Odds +496 +500 +500

FanDual would give you the worst odds in this example, and on a $100 wager, you’d net less money from wagering with FanDuel over bet365.

Line shopping is always good practice for any aspiring sharp bettor, and same-game parlays are no exception.

Which betting sites offer same-game parlays? 

Not all sportsbooks offer same-game parlays. They’re emerging across more and more sportsbooks every year, but they’re not ubiquitous yet. 

However, many reputable and trustworthy sportsbooks within the US do indeed offer them, including the below online sportsbooks: 

• FanDuel








If you don’t see your preferred sportsbook listed here, check out the best betting sites in your region. With same-game parlays ascending in popularity, you’ll surely locate a sportsbook that offers this exciting wager.

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