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The Hard Rock Hotel features a number of amenities that are among the best-kept secrets in Las Vegas. The newly renovated book ranks among the top of that list. The sportsbook opened in its current form in late 2010, making it one of the most contemporary sportsbooks in Las Vegas. Gone are the days when the resort’s only sports betting spot was the size of an average kitchen. The new space, which opened the week of the 2010 Super Bowl, is more like a millionaire’s recreation room. The Cantor Gaming-run sportsbook should be on the must-visit list of any Sin City tourist.

Betting/Lines: At this point, Cantor Gaming is a proven commodity in Las Vegas. Bettors can rest comfortable in knowing what they are going to get. Unlike some of its competitors, Cantor will offer totals and halftime wagering on every game that adorns its board. In-running wagering is available at every seat and also on handheld eDeck devices.While Hard Rock and Cantor aren’t guaranteed to open lines first, they won’t be far behind anyone else in town. And rest assured, when the numbers go up, Cantor won’t shy away from taking big bets. Cantor has the highest limits around. 

Value: Prepare to pay less to stay at the Hard Rock than similar upscale properties on the Strip. Don’t prepare to lose anything with the experience. The Hard Rock’s new HRH Tower is an all-suite wing of the hotel featuring rooms loaded with modern luxury. From flat screens to showers with a Strip view, everything in the HRH Tower makes guests dread their checkout times.Plenty of worthy restaurants fill the property, highlighted by 24-hour café Mr. Lucky’s and inappropriately-coined Pink Taco. But the problem comes with eating at the actual sportsbook. None of the food offerings at the Hard Rock are especially fast or close to the book. It’s not an ideal place to grab lunch or dinner and chow down while watching a game.

Experience: A high-definition projection screen stretches across the entire front wall above the heads of the tellers. It’s among the most impressive sights in any sportsbook and can be manipulated to show as many games as possible at the same time. It’s not going to be difficult to follow two, three or even 10 games at the same time. If that’s not enough, individual screens are also found at every seat. A betting board at the seat compares Cantor’s current lines to places like MGM and Caesars, as well as offshore books like Pinnacle. Drinks are an issue, as the Hard Rock cocktail waitresses don’t serve the sportsbook. But a bar is attached, meaning it’s not difficult to time a commercial break with a beer run.

Extras: Few properties can compare to the nightlife options available at the Hard Rock.One of the city’s swankiest new clubs, Vanity, is in the casino area of the HRH Tower. One of the nicest concert venues, The Joint, is a 10-yard walk from the sportsbook. One term all Hard Rock guests should become familiar with is Rehab Sunday. It’s Las Vegas’ most famous pool party and goes on weekly from late spring to early fall. Guests that find half-naked women roaming around the casino floor offensive should stay away.A bad day at the sportsbook can turn into a good night somewhere else at the Hard Rock.

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