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Just got scammed $200 by 5dimes

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Author: [Gaming Industry - US] Topic: Just got scammed $200 by 5dimes
imardern PM imardern
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Posted: 6/15/2013 2:00:02 PM
Closed my account after this one happened. I bet $100 on the left hand of Blackjack Early Payout of their live dealer casino and was dealt A3 dealer showing a 8. I pressed "hit" and next card was a 3 to give me a 7/17. I then pressed hit again and another 3 was dealt giving me a 20. I was offered $175 early payout but pressed stand instead. Dealer showed some card and two cards later had a total of a 17. My 20 vs dealers 17. However, instead of being credited $200 my bet LOST. I contacted the pitboss and was told that I pressed "stand" when I had A3, which I DID NOT DO. No one stands on a soft 14, it is a free hit. My options were clearly visible when I had the 20 and could've taken $175 early payout, the option WAS bright green meaning it was available and I had not stood or taken an early payout before some of the cards dealt. THIS IS SUCH BS.
slike PM slike
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Posted: 6/15/2013 4:30:32 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by imardern:

Sounds like another kid with his life savings on the line, degen-ing it up. Kids these days...
Closing an account seems a bit dramatic- curious how old you are?
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Posted: 6/16/2013 11:55:19 AM
I quit 5Dimes a couple years ago. They have turned to garbage.
Bling PM Bling
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Posted: 6/16/2013 7:34:59 PM
Stay away from 5 Domes
Professional1 PM Professional1
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Posted: 6/17/2013 12:32:26 PM
it is not 5dimes fault the live blackjack is another company, anyways you should not even play because it is fixed.
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