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Super Bowl Halftime Show Total Songs Hits Over, Rihanna Closes With 'Diamonds'

Rihanna opened the Super Bowl LVII halftime show with 'B@#ch Better Have My Money', and closes with 'Diamonds' as Over 9.5 songs hits for bettors.

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2023 8:48 PM ET Read Time: 4 min
Recordist artist Rihanna performs during halftime of Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium.
Photo By - SIPA

Take a break from the on-field action between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles with Super Bowl halftime show props. Sportsbooks are cooking up fun betting markets for Rihanna's performance on Feb. 12, with live odds available on betting sites for bettors and fans to get in on early halftime betting action.

Rihanna halftime show odds

Odds for Rihanna's performance have hit the board at some Super Bowl betting sites.

Rihanna's total songs performed

Rihanna's performance hit the Over on 9.5 with ease. She sang 12 and sampled even more. 

Result Betano 
Over Over 9.5 songs (-133) 8.5 songs (-182) OTB
Under Under 9.5 songs (+100) 8.5 songs (+135) OTB

Odds as of Feb. 12, 2023.

Rihanna's first song odds

Rihanna opened her show with "B@#ch Better Have My Money", which shot up FanDuel's odds early on Friday.

Song FanDuel logo (CLOSED) Betano 
First Song Don't Stop The Music +250  +125
First Song Stay  +600  +1,900 
First Song Diamonds +1,200  +1,400
First Song This Is What You Came For +1,300 +700
First Song Umbrella +1,500 +400
First Song We Found Love +1,600 +1,900
First Song Disturbia +1,500 +1,900
First Song Where Have You Been +1,600  +1,900
First Song SOS  +2,500 +9,900
First Song Pon de Replay +2,200 +3,400
First Song What's My Name? +2,200 +600
First Song Rude Boy +3,000 +4,900 
First Song Needed Me  +3,000 +4,900
First Song Work +3,000 +7,400
First Song S&M +3,000 +4,900
First Song Only Girl (In The World) +3,000 +1,900
First Song FourFiveSeconds  +3,300 +19,900
First Song Love The Way You Lie +3,300  +19,900
First Song Love On The Brain  +3,600  +19,900
First Song Take A Bow  +3,600 +19,900

Odds as of Feb. 12, 2023.

    Rihanna's last song odds

    Rihanna closed her show with "Diamonds," which was the favorite to cash for bettors since early last week. 

    Song FanDuel logo (CLOSED)
    Last Song Diamonds -125 -333
    Last Song Run This Town  +400
    Last Song Umbrella +400 +500
    Last Song Don't Stop The Music +600 +900
    Last Song We Found Love +1,000 +600
    Last Song SOS +1,500 +19,900
    Last Song Take A Bow +1,500 +9,900
    Last Song B**ch Better Have My Money +1,200 +9,900
    Last Song Distubria +1,200 +19,900
    Last Song Stay +2,000 +600
    Last Song Pon de Replay +2,000 +19,900
    Last Song FourFiveSeconds +2,000 +4,900
    Last Song This Is What You Came For +2,000 +4,900
    Last Song What's My Name? +3,000 +4,900
    Last Song Where Have You Been +3,000 +4,900
    Last Song Needed Me +3,300 +9,900
    Last Song Love The Way You Lie +3,300 +19,900
    Last Song S&M +3,300 +9,900
    Last Song Rude Boy +3,300 +19,900
    Last Song Love On The Brain +3,600 +1,400
    Last Song Only Girl (In The World) +3,300 +4,900
    Last Song Work +3,600 +19,900

    Odds as of Feb. 12, 2023.

    Rihanna's songs to be performed odds

    Song Betano 
    Yes No
    Song to be played Umbrella -1,667 +700
    Song to be played We Found Love -400 +270
    Song to be played Where Have You Been -133 +100
    Song to be played Rude Boy -182 +135
    Song to be played Don't Stop The Music -400 +270
    Song to be played Only Girl (In The World) +115 -154
    Song to be played Diamonds -500 +320
    Song to be played What's My Name? +115 -154
    Song to be played FourFiveSeconds +700 -1,667
    Song to be played Man Down +700 -455
    Song to be played S&M +400 -667
    Song to be played Pon de Replay +400 -667
    Song to be played Stay +150 -200
    Song to be played Disturbia +300 -455
    Song to be played Work +320 -500
    Song to be played Russian Roulette +350 -556

    Odds as of Feb. 12, 2023.

    Where can you bet on the Super Bowl halftime show?

    Betting on the Super Bowl halftime show is not an option on regulated sportsbooks in the United States in states where sports betting is legal. It is however available at regulated sportsbooks in Ontario and the rest of Canada.

    When it comes to these non-game-related novelty props, oddsmakers don’t want to expose themselves to markets that are predetermined or could be leaked ahead of time for the benefit of bettors in the know.

    Other Super Bowl halftime prop bets

    Depending on the performer, sportsbooks offer odds on aspects of the performers' attire, censorship, and more.

    When it comes to exotic markets at the Super Bowl, there is always wild line movement in some markets leading up to the event. The first song performed at the halftime show is usually one of those as rumors begin to fly about leaked setlists.

    Rihanna hair color

    Result CoolBet (CLOSED)
    Black -1,000
    Blonde +600
    Red +900
    Pink +1,000
    Purple +1,000
    Blue +1,500

    Odds as of Feb. 12, 2023.

    Rihanna dress color

    Result CoolBet (CLOSED)
    Black -200
    White +450
    Grey/Silver +500
    Gold/Yellow +600
    Red +800
    Pink +1,200
    Green +1,400
    Blue +1,500

    Odds as of Feb. 12, 2023.

    To make an appearance on stage with Rihanna

    Result FanDuel logo (CLOSED)
    CoolBet (CLOSED)
    Jay-Z -400 -500
    Calvin Harris -175 N/A
    Drake -150 -300
    A$AP Rocky +150 +250
    DJ Khaled +200 N/A
    Kendrick Lamar +250 N/A
    Eminem +300 +200
    A$AP Rocky with a baby +300 N/A
    T.I. +400 +700
    Kanye West +400 N/A
    Kid Cudi +500 N/A
    David Guetta +500 N/A
    Paul McCartney +500 N/A
    Pharrell Williams +650 N/A
    SZA +800 N/A
    Future +900 +1,000
    Chris Martin +1,200 N/A
    Ne-Yo +1,200 N/A
    Shakira +1,200 N/A

    Odds as of Feb. 12, 2023.

    Halftime Show Best Bet: T.I. to appear on stage with Rihanna  (+700 at CoolBet)

    Rihanna has collaborated with several big-name artists during her career, and many of those show up in the odds for possible appearances on stage during the Super Bowl halftime show. 

    But while guys like Jay-Z and Drake top the board (and at hefty prices of -222 and -210), rapper T.I. is paying +700 and headlines one of the best songs to feature Rihanna – EVER – and a track that sits as her No. 2 all-time ranked song, according to the Billboard Music Charts.

    The 2008 hit “Live Your Life” not only appeases the target 30-40 something crowd with music they love but the all-time banger is a perfect fit for the Big Game stage. Go dial the song up on Spotify and tell me you can’t picture the Arizona crowd popping with those first notes of the O-Zone sample.  

    And if you need some recent connection between the two artists, T.I.’s six-year-old daughter Heiress Harris recently went viral covering Rihanna’s newest song, “Lift Me Up”, in a video posted to Instagram.

    Super Bowl halftime prop bets explained

    The Super Bowl halftime show is must-watch TV, even for casual football fans. The midway mark of the NFL championship game is a spectacle just begging to be bet on, from the performer’s first song to the color of their outfits.   

    What is the Super Bowl halftime show?

    The halftime show is a celebration as old as the Super Bowl itself. The original shows were planned around a theme; however, organizers ditched that method in the early 1990s and instead went with a notable headliner for the show, with guest appearances by other musical acts.

    The halftime show extravaganza has gotten bigger and bigger every year, with complex sets and lighting, multiple guest appearances, and the occasional controversial moment. The Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime performance by Janet Jackson is one of the most memorable shows following her notorious “wardrobe malfunction.” 

    Super Bowl halftime prop bets

    Super Bowl halftime prop bets have picked up in popularity, thanks to the online sports betting boom in the late 1990s. These novelty odds have grown each Super Bowl, limited only by the imagination of oddsmakers and fueled by bettors' appetite for Super Bowl props.

    Halftime show props join the coin toss, the national anthem length, and the color of the Gatorade bath as some of the more popular Super Bowl novelty odds available. The most common halftime show prop markets are centered around the first song performed, the color of the performer’s outfit, and possible guest appearances on stage during the performance.

    How to bet on Super Bowl halftime 

    Along with other Super Bowl odds, bettors need to know how to bet on Super Bowl prop markets. The list of Super Bowl halftime show props varies from sportsbook to sportsbook. However, you will see similar markets at most places, especially when it comes to the color of the performer’s outfit as well as the first song performed. 

    These types of props are often presented in a long list with odds for each option based on their probability. An artist’s most popular songs or newest songs often find themselves among the favorites to be the first song performed, while the colors of the teams playing in the Super Bowl can also influence potential performer outfit colors.

    Another method for betting halftime props is Yes/No propositions, asking bettors to choose if something will occur or not. Both the Yes and No options will have attached odds, such as “Will a football be used as a prop?”: Yes +300/No -500.

    Here are some other fun Yes/No props from the 2020 Super Bowl:

    • Will there be a wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl show?
    • Will a football be used as a prop during the halftime show?
    • Will Shakira wear a hat during the halftime show?
    • Will Gloria Estefan join the halftime show?

    Super Bowl halftime betting history

    Super Bowl halftime show prop betting was ushered in by the advances in online sports betting in the late 1990s, and as the shows grew bigger, so did the odds offerings. 

    However, it wasn’t until Janet Jackson’s revealing Super Bowl XXXVIII performance that oddsmakers went wild with the prop odds. Thanks to that controversial moment, a possible “wardrobe malfunction” is always included in the Super Bowl halftime show prop mix.

    These fun and exotic Super Bowl odds garner plenty of media attention as well, as they have a huge mainstream appeal beyond the Super Bowl, football, and sports in general.  

    Instant replay: Super Bowl halftime show prop bets

    Super Bowl halftime props are an entertaining way to keep your wagering going while the on-field action is on pause:

    • Halftime props are betting markets centered around the Super Bowl halftime show.
    • Bets range from which songs will be played to what the performer will be wearing.
    • These bets are usually only available at online sportsbooks.


    Super Bowl halftime props FAQs

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