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The 3 Stooges

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Author: [Movies & Television] Topic: The 3 Stooges
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Posted: 5/7/2012 9:57:27 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by LRM704:

The movie sucked and I grew up with the 3 Stooges. I dont care if they were making fun of those jersey fool or not, it helped ruin the movie

IT JUST PLAIN SUCKED and let me add that the Farrelly brothers have been living off their reputation for years

Expectation breeds disappointment.
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Posted: 5/12/2012 4:09:43 AM

train u lookin at it all wrong....

they f*cked this concept up with the angle took for the movie.

this movie shud of been made like downey jr and chaplin. a real  damn good movie with a bio kinda feel to it. not a farce. like farley was trying to do for fatty arbuckle yrs ago. then carrey wud of jumped to do it, along with penn and benicio.  

that movie looks so horrible that i changed the channel when the preview came on.

this movie idea has been thrown around many times with many dif scrips.

it shud of stayed on the shelf a lil longer.

anyone ever do a movie about the marx bros trying to emulate their brilliance? no, so why the stooges?

**j carrey eventually turned down the role because he said he didnt want to put on all that weight for health issues.

translation, he didnt like the script, the concept and knew the movie would be bad. he was right. i dont need to see it to know this as well. f*cking tragedy.

o well. even the f bros can swing and miss and b forced to corporate bs too. damn shame.


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