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2017 Observations and overreactions

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Author: [College Football] Topic: 2017 Observations and overreactions
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Posted: 1/10/2018 1:21:22 PM
Well, that was a fun ride...

How about that Rose Bowl?   Great game, great comeback.  Full of excitement.   

How about that NC Game?   Georgia was not afraid of Bama.  Loved their gameplan.   Wish they would have used Michel running outside more though, think they could have finished it regulation if they had.

The ending...   wow.  So most know I was holding a Georgia future to win the Championship at 31-1 that I placed in mid-September after seeing them play a few games.    My heart was racing after the missed FG.   Then the Fromm sack...  then Hot Rod (the one bright spot in the kicking game in all of the Bowls) from 51.   Then the sack of Tagovailoa.   2 & 26 in OT from the 41.   How could I not be sky high right then?  And then....   it was over.   Incredible game even though it didn't cash for me.   As a NCAAF fan, really couldn't have asked for more.  

Saban.   Say what you will, but that QB change took balls.  Could have exploded in his face but in the end he looks like a genius.   Would Urban Meyer have pulled JT Barrett in that same situation?  Not a chance.   Saban is on another level.

Other bowls...   I had some heartbreakers...   How bout the kicking?  Terrible all around.   Utah State All-Conference kicker misses 4 times.  BC rushes a FG with the clock stopped.  Oklahoma getting blocked in the Rose Bowl in OT.   

How about UCF?   I can't even tell you how much I loved that Scott Frost coached that game.   

Lane Kiffin staying at FAU?  Awesome.  Watch out for Willie Wright next year, that kid can fly.  If he was taller scouts would be drooling

How about the Academy teams?   What a season for Army.  Navy not too shabby either

Pac12 not looking so hot right now, Big10 on the upswing maybe gaining some respect after nearly sweeping their matchups?   Of course Michigan had to be the turd in the punch bowl.   Does Harbaugh survive next year if they don't win the Big10?  

More to come...  gonna try to keep this thread going as I think of things.   Feel free to add

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Posted: 1/11/2018 2:12:40 AM
Saban gets a lot of credit in my book for the halftime move.... But he really waited til the LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE... From everything ive been hearing for awhile now, Tagavailoa outplayed Hurts in spring and thought Saban wasnt giving him a fair shot to play. Saban is so stuck in his ways that he went with the more experienced starter.... but Hurts made games tighter than they needed to be. Tua was actually thinking of transferring out of Alabama because Saban wasnt letting him play and there was talk of Hurts coming back and starting again next year..... Saban had to play this kid or lose him. 

I knew at halftime that Saban would bring in Tua. I knew Alabama would win if Tua played. I told a friend before game even started that my worst fear as a dawg bettor was that Hurts would get injured and Tagavailoa would play..... I knew how dangerous this kid was. I put in a live moneyline alabama bet at half because i was so sure of it.

Having said all that... it still takes incredible balls to do what saban did. He gave Hurts the chance to win a title and he gave the hotshot his moment in the sun..... he won both battles. 

Been a pleasure BW.... appreciate all your work this season bro. will be keeping tabs in offseason but ill see you again come sept! 
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Posted: 1/11/2018 11:35:19 AM

Wow that season flew by 

Amazed at what UCF accomplished ... Believe they were 11-1 to win their Conference in July ... I Missed the noat on some big $$$ .. Their Win over Auburn was Fantastic and proved they could play with an maybe beat anyone in the country ...

The National Chmapionship was Awesome , I LOVE physical Football .. Saban made the 2nd half adjustments and Smart failed to counter .. I would have ran Michel outside the tackles ad nausem ....

Rose Bowl was Fantastic , Kept looking for Bob Stoops on the side line in the 2nd half .. Thought he was the reason the Sooners went conservative ... 

I believe my 10 Year Old is a better Kicker than most of the College duds ,,, Seriously what else do these guy do at practice ??? IF that's all they do , how do they stink so bad ???

Bowl season can be tough sledding , I made about $600+ , and was wrong on most of my small bets ...You did Fantastic with your Futures , just getting close to even is not easy ... Georgia Wins and youre sitting pretty ...I Lost about $1 K ....Hopefully next year we can work together on finding real value/winners ....


Thank you so Much for all your hard work ... Appreciate your time 








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Posted: 1/11/2018 12:04:48 PM

This was a great season for those who truly love this sport.

On another forum I posted a link to Youtube's showing
Tua's performance at the Elite 11 competition by ESPN. Tua won the competition.
Also in that competition , was Jake Fromm. My take
on this was that TUA was a gifted passer , and I felt
he would beat out Hurts this season for the starting
QB job. I did not realize that it might happen in the
Championship game , but it says something to me
going forward.
It shows me that true pocket passers , can be very
productive on teams with strong running games IF
coaches are willing to recruit true passing QB's
and let talented running backs do what they do best.
Run ......... and Block 

I believe Bama's and UGa's performance proved that
a return to a more conventional offense is likely to
provide a challenge to teams with undersize players
at defensive line and Linebackers , which has evloved
to defend spread offenses.

I agree with BWS in regards to UCF. It was great to
see what they accomplished this season.

Looking forward to next season . 
Skipster PM Skipster
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Posted: 1/11/2018 4:45:40 PM
that bama missed FG made me glad the season is over. destroyed my under. one of my biggest bets of the year.

for the most part, I found the bowl season pretty dull. the favorites showed up to play and covered a lot of games easily. but there were a few that made watching worth it. Wake Purdue? Miami wisky? good games to watch. the rose bowl a classic.
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