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Author: [NFL Betting] Topic: THURSDAY...SIDE AND TOTAL!
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Posted: 11/15/2012 6:33:37 PM
YTD 54-26(+59.9 Units)

Miami @ Buffalo...another crap fest for Thursday Night...

I Bet Miami last Sunday and watched that game,cussed that game, and kicked my dog...What a Clusterfck!
I have no Idea wtf happened and still don't, The Titans certainly didnt play any better then they usually spit out,There had to be internal issues with Miami..
What? I don't know but wow was they flat as Grandma's tits...Nothing Perturbs me then to bet a Flat behind don't care team, and They shouldn't have been, They win that game and they are 5-3 and in the thick of things...The only Thing I can think of is the Coach may have been concentrating for this game, He Benched 2 of his best leaders In Reggie Bush and Jake Long...I never seen anything like that!Not when you have a chamce to go 5-3.. I mean come on, This Miami team is young and don't have mush talent anyway, Take those two off the offense and you end up what he got....3 points...3 points agaisnt one of the worst defense in the league, On Par with the Bills terrible defense...I still don't get it...Bench Bush for Fumbling and Leave in the QB that ended up throwing 3 interceptions...That game was lost because of the Stubburn Head Coach, Plain and simple....Now having said that, Look for a fire under their behind tonight....The entire team was embarrassed,Bush and Long are team Leaders that was HUGELY Embarresed by being Benched...


Ahhh The Bills....That defense is....nah.... That Bills defense SUCKS! Watched 3 of their games this year and I knever in my life seen a NFL team that can't make a simple tackle the entire game...They don't tackle so If you bet the Bills tonight count on it...Now let's look at The Genuis they have as a coach...I watched that Tenn @ Buff game, Bills simply needed to run and eat clock and they would have won, What happens they decide to pass, then a interception came and they ended up losing the game on a 4th down toss to the Endzone with no time left...By the Way, I had the Titans in that one and was thrilled for the Gift from the Bonehead for Buffalo who called that pass intercetion play..

The Game:

Curtis Modkins(Chan Gailey in reality) vs Miami defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle..Gailey can really Blow a game with some dumb play calling as he did at the end of that Tenn game, He did it again Last week with the Pats at a critical time, I Just watched a interview with Bills WR Steve Johnson in which he said a pass was called Sunday to a Receiver in the game ,And that Receiver has never ran that particular route in practice and didn't know how to run that route and ended up intercepted...Gailey strikes again! Kevin Coyle can throw alot of Differnt looks at a offense,I think this was a good hire for the fish this year and on a short week the Bills Offense really is going into this game somewhat Blind..I'd say of all 4 coordinators tonight he is Tops! Bills are 14th in total offense but that is deceiving as they are always playing catch up with garbage yards..

Bills Defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt Vs Miami Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman...Both of these guys are Head Coaching Rejects and pretty crappy, I think they are both 2nd rate..But I give a lean to Sherman over Dave Wannstedt in game planning on a short week(The Bills are 31st in total Defense)...hell I'd go with him anyway short or long.Wanny is Wanny.

I'm Taking Miami+ tonight, I think Miami is VERY Embarrassed and I know they are better then they played last week,The Bills, I don't think they are any good at all, even if they played a good defensive game Gailey would just mess up with a terrible Play call in a critical moment in the game like he has all year..A Embarrassed Reggie Bush will eat them up tonight as the Bills allow a Whopping 5.23 YPC...Thats five+ yards per carry! AND if there is gonna be a Flat team tonight it will be the Bills coming off that New England Heartbreaker.. Bills haven't had takeaway in last three games (-6)  0-6 when they allow more than 17 points. Dolphins 3-1 as road dogs... Miami+3(2 units)(-125)

Under 45'(2 units) I also like this under, Gailey already said he feared the Fish defensive schemes on a short week and will stay basic...Miami will also Run Bush and play not to lose..I'm gonna call this Miami 17-13
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Posted: 11/15/2012 7:21:11 PM
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Posted: 11/15/2012 7:29:09 PM
love the write up baby!
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Posted: 11/15/2012 8:05:31 PM
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Posted: 11/15/2012 8:09:29 PM
BOL guys
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Posted: 11/15/2012 11:50:06 PM
sorry guys...I just knew that missed FG would haunt us.
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