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Danica @ Bristol = Double Boner Pick and Grin....

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Author: [Nascar] Topic: Danica @ Bristol = Double Boner Pick and Grin....
Impalerwins PM Impalerwins
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Posted: 8/25/2012 7:47:05 AM
Double-J did his best Kyle Busch impression as his engine expired while leading the pack with five laps remaining at MIS last week. Tough loss JJ, but you'll recover with the company of your five Sprint Cup titles! RFR girl Biffle was the eventual winner and while I picked the team I missed out with the driver as I backed Kenseth last week.

This week we are back to some short-track racing and if last night's race was any indication, the new surface will produce a lot of bump-n-run and congrats to Logano for bringing home the victory last night. What a great kid he is. Love his attitude, love his youth and love his smile. Keep bringing the thunder JL! Saddler wasn't too thrilled with his shove by Stenhouse jr. but that is how it is at Bristol-even if Stenhouse did apologize immediately to ES.

Can JL win B2B? Not business to business but back to back? Not sure if he'll take it again but he is sure fun to watch. 

And remember folks, drivers who show up in this column end up leading the race and/or winning. That said, let's get down to my favorite double-stacker-BK. Yep Brad Keselowski (+600) is the defending race winner and led last week at Michigan. 

Don't forget that of the last six races at Bristol three drivers have won back to back. If Keselowski wins then he'll be the fourth consecutive back-to-back winner at Bristol.

Another driver that has been dubbed "Mr. Bristol" is Kyle Busch who has the favorite spot, bet down from 9/2 to 4/1, the main concern with KB (other than the usual) is that he hates the new surface at Bristol and his engines keep blowing up. Stay way from BK and KB. 

Meanwhile, if you didn't feel the heat from Johnson last weekend after MIS then you weren't paying attention. Today's pick is based on last weekend's result (even if Mears is leaving from the pole).

Pick! Jimmie Johnson, 7/1.



stats1 PM stats1
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Posted: 8/25/2012 9:04:09 AM
7-1  u get some very weird #'s   i can grab jj at 17-1 currently
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Posted: 8/25/2012 10:02:31 AM
He's +1450 at my house.
The chances of him winning from this starting spot is not very good IMO...
Hell of a good race last night... Not sure what it looked like on TV but there was good racing going on everywhere.
Bol with ol 5 Time tonight.
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MillerLiteBoy PM MillerLiteBoy
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Posted: 8/25/2012 11:19:28 AM
No way I could bet on the 48 tonight.  After watching that race it's all track position.  He could get it, chads a friggin genius but up I am not confident.  This race will be won by an aggressive driver.  Mark my words:). 
Great win for my boy.  He is still to clean but he will be a great one.  Love to see back to back but not one of his better statistical tracks bu love starting position
Goggles-Pisano PM Goggles-Pisano
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Posted: 8/25/2012 2:42:42 PM
never say never with 5 time and chad no matter the starting position. them's is some very tasty odds. all it takes is a little pit strategy and watch out. Hendrick's cars found something lately and this team has it nailed. Anyone know why the 48 only ran 13 laps in happy Hour? he normally runs as many as he can. If the answer is "the car was ready, no need to run anymore" then bring it on! he's got some of my $$$
Impalerwins PM Impalerwins
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Posted: 8/25/2012 11:09:00 PM
Thanks for your comments everyone. You know you made some sense-especially when you consider that JJ had to start from the back of the back once again. I loved tonight's race even though......


Lawdy, but HMS brings in 2nd and 3rd on the resurface and the 5 looked solid until the wreck anyway. And while the driver of the No. 24 car still owns the 48 car looking at the 48's behind as you cross the finish ain't the worst that could have happened tonight. 

Face it, it ain't like you got a helmet thrown at you or anything? A Danica helmet blast would have been the best against "he's been a friggin person all night."

Super value and lots of entertainment even if they can get the drivers to have that lower line fever and then everyone will be happy.

Yeah right. 

See ya next week.

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