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Ask an Expert: Bryan Power (Answers)

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Posted: 6/29/2013 3:12:17 PM
1.)    When betting on baseball, do you ever shy away or jump on a team after a big win or loss in a series?

That's a good question. Absolutely, I do.  This can apply to betting on/against a team within the same series or in the opener of their next series.  Take Red Sox-Yankees for example, the most famous rivalry in the sport.  If one team were to sweep the other, I might look to play AGAINST that team in the opener of their following series as there would be a natural emotional letdown.

I also like to look at going against a particular team if they are coming off a big win or loss on Sunday night.  This is because that's usually a big game and their opponent Monday has the inherent advantage of having wrapped things up earlier the previous day.

Within the same series, teams that just blew a save or are on long losing streaks are always a good go against. I tend to stay away from a big underdog that won its last game.  

2.)    MLB has been very profitable for you this season. When seasons are this successful, do you ever find your handicapping approach changing? 

Absolutely not.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.   Right now, I'm pretty zeroed in on how I want to approach the games and which teams I do/don't like.  It's no different than the athletes playing the games.  If you're on a hot streak, even as long as mine has been this season in baseball, you don't change anything you're doing.

Just so everyone is aware, entering Friday, June 28th, I have cashed over 63% of all releases this MLB season, good enough for a net profit of $31,000.  I am 102-52-2 my last 156 MLB plays and 73-37-2 last 112.  

3.)    I see you have started covering WNBA & CFL. Is there really an opportunity to make money in these leagues?
A winning bet is a winning bet in my book, so yes, there definitely are opportunities to make money in both the CFL and WNBA.  Often times, I consider these "lesser-known" leagues to be far easier to wager on as the oddsmakers are no different from the public.  What I mean by that is the oddsmakers aren't paying as much attention to these sports/leagues either and that means you can find a great line or two on a regular basis!

Consider that just in the last week and a half alone, I have cashed two WNBA plays by 20 or more points. I had an underdog win a game outright by 17 points and a small favorite win 87-59!  With as much success as I've had in baseball so far, I haven't had too many plays that cashed THAT easily on the diamond.

Looking at CFL, I cashed 100% of all releases last October (5-0!) and had numerous easy winners throughout the season.  

4.)    When I am on your page, I can see your "Trademark" plays. These are all 10* plays. Are there any other plays I should be keeping a special eye out for?

While my "trademark" plays are always the strongest, I would certainly encourage everyone to take note of my Division POWER-BALL releases in MLB.  All they've done so far is go 22-8 for the year!  Handicapping division matchups is a bit different than non-division games, and so far, it's been really good to me thus far.

Also, while we're still a few months away, I would like to remind everyone about my past success with 1st half wagers in both Pro and College Football.  In particular, I love to play the first half in weekday night games.

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