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Author: [Politics] Topic: QUESTION FOR ALL YOU trump SUPPORTERS
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Posted: 6/24/2018 6:49:49 PM
QUOTEJimy Originally Posted by shiek:

Using the standard of what the pres did for me and my family I would say relatively little, except the tax change which I’m guessing will have an unintended negative impact on many who will no longer be able to itemize.   But guess what, that’s exactly the same thing the other presidents have done during my adult lifetime.  

 The major issues in r country

Spiraling Cost of health care, social sec, etc
Cost of education 
Foreign threats
Gun control
Disparity in income between rich and poor

The prior 2 presidents did little, if anything, to address the above problems and arguably made them worse.   Not to cast blame, but this illustrates that Washington is broken.  Bottom line it was broken b4/trump got there and it is laughable how MSM and libs blame Trump

Congratulations Shiek you just endorsed Bernie Sanders, because he was in favor of all those policies. And god willing will by our next President in 2020. You are absolutely right, this country has been wracked by corruption but it doesn’t stop with Bush and Obama. This has been going on for 40 years. 

Jimmy Carter a Democratic President gutted the unions. Reagan destroyed the Middle Class and gave us voodoo economics or as Republicans like to say cut all taxes and money will be dropping from the sky. Clinton gave us NAFTA, repealed Glass Stegell and gutted Welfare. 

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