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Helping finding a song

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Author: [Music] Topic: Helping finding a song
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Posted: 4/19/2011 4:31:02 PM
So I have this song from college I used to love but I can't figure out the name or artist.  Its a rap song and the song was just labeled tank03.mp3  on my cpu. 

I have tried lyric and song searches on the net to no avail.  I looked at all of the lyrics from the artist Tank.  Does anyone know the name of this song?  Here is the hook.

"Concrete bricks never been, so it's a must we stay foundated till the end."  
"Cause its solid, solid, solid, solid than a mutherfucka"
"Solid, we keeps it solid, solid than a motherfucka, solid!"

One of the verses goes, "You remind me of piss flowing from my person, nothing but wasted material"

I know its a reach but I can't find this song anywhere! 
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