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A proven betting system built off winners over the decades NOT any chase system

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THE only system i ever heard of or seen used is one based on money mangement.

Chase systems are built off losses YOU chase after a loss correct?

SO heres the right way no matter what you gamble at even in casino gambling same method applies.

using flat betting like in lined games I guarantee you will make money.

YOU start with a bank roll of $1000 we go with basket ball because it's daily

YOUR max wager per day is 2% of that bank roll no matter how many games you play 2% of $1000 = $20

on min. bet is $5 to win $4.50 that equals 4 plays per day

you start out bad go 0-4 bank is reduced to 980 alloows wager of $19.60 next day  thats it not a penny more = $4.90 per game to win $4.41 you have great day go 4-0 win $17.61 bank is now 1017.21

still stay at $20 guys because to really increase $40 you need to double bank to $2000 ok FF we done that after 1st month bank is now at $2000 you bet 440 per day now you hit losing streak 3 days in a row 0-12 your down $120 bank is reduced to 1880 X 2 % =  only $37.60 allowed per day.

NOW you take off for 5 days go perfect win 20 -0 bank is increased just using $40 per day now to keep it easier on brain you won $200 + 1880 = $2080

X 2% = $41.60 allowed per day so we stay ahead of the man and remain at $40 you win for week going 20 -8 bank increases $118
$2198 X 2 % = $43.96 allowed per day NOT enough yet guys we stay at $40 per day ok FF a month you played 112 more games won 100 lost 12 lost 480$ won $4000 net profit = $3520

plus the $2080 = $5600 ok you have two options cash out $1000 your orginal starting bank or increse wagers guess what you can increase wagers and get back your starting bank your left with $4600 X 2%  = $92 per day allowed

ok now you hit a losing streak for two weeks each day wagers are reduced in that streak your bank is now at $3000  YOU still up for the year because you took back your starting bank roll and still can wager way more than $20 per day 3000 X 2 % = $60

FF 1 month again you did great won 95 games lost 17 i 'll just keep it simple using the $60 per day = $15 per game 17 X 15 = - 255$

95 X 15 = + 1425$ net profit $1170  bank is up $4170 X 2 % = $83.40 allowed per day ok reduce that to $80 to keep it easier and remember we are risking $80 to win $72  $20 per play.
another great month occurs

you won 100 games lost 12 / 12 X $20 = - 240 100 X 20 = $2000

- $240 +$1760 bank is up to $5930 so now what you have 1 month left what do you do better believe it cash out $1000 more you now doubled your starting bank and can bet more.

BUT now we can increase bet % to 4%

bank is at $4930 X 4 % = 197.20 per day reduce to $195 which is $48.75 per play to win $43.88 per day

OK final month great you won 89 games lost 23

23 X 48.75 = - $1021.25  89 X $43.88 = + $3905.32

profit $2884.07 + $4930 = $7814.07 for the NBA reg season a total gain counting plus the $2000 you cashed out for $9814.07

how many units was that at average unit of $25 per game i'm guessing here ok?

ok it = 392.5628 units won...

so lets add this up for the 3 pro sports NFL NBA and MLB
However in MLB we are winning more because of ML dogs so i'll have to add lil bit nore to our yearly figure 392.5628 units won say average win was $50 per game $19628.14

wahat's mini wage for 40 hrs week  $8.25 hr X 40 = $330 gross NET pay is about $221.10 X 52 weeks = $11497.20 NET

OMG we made $8130.94 more than the mini wage earners beacause we have no taxes or expenses to bet sports

whats your cost to use internet 2 hr's daily?

YOU think every bettor in the world comes to forums? LOL no MFW way to busy at work or just getting lines for the day do their handicapping and make their plays.

Best saying i read ever


YOU have fast ROI in 3 1/2 hrs Wall street cant do that they run 8 or 10 hr days.

THEY only hope for a 2% gain every day or most days.

of course because they are investing $10,000's to earn $200 daily = $1400 per week = $72,800 a year in their stock portfolio.BUT they do not earn 2% every day some days they lose way more than that

and of course for the year averages out to 2% per day might lose 5% one day then gain 10% next day.

BUT i end this thread with proven methods used for decades!

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NOw adding why my above system works and is truth because include LOSSES.

THE Chase systems DO Not include the losses there fore they are fallacious , fairy tales, lies.
NO system will ever produce 100% winners i have some that hit 95% over the years in nfl but never stayed 100%  and they are very few games per year that fall into 95% ats winners.

BUT if YOU played only those games for $1000's YOU bookie would hate you because there's maybe 20 games out of each year in nfl

you would win 19 and lose 1

that's a lil bit more than 1 game per week 1.17 games per week which means for about 14 weeks you bet one game 3 weeks you bet two games.

Remember chase systems are in effect when you lose you need an bankroll in the uber $1000's to get them to work

Which is almost impossible in the real world how many people can afford a sports betting bank of say $50,000

i bet there aint 10 in this whole forum that can post up that amount.

because we all know thier are millions out of work and struggling at two low paying jobs now to just make ends meet!

THE Family Man cannot post up any large starting bankroll nor even a single man who makes even $75,000 a year his living expenses chew up half of that income.

Rent n utilities alone depending where you live will be in 1000's$ monthly.

renters here where i live in my street are paying  $1500 a month for 3 bed room houses add utilites your way up at $2000 cable bill another $150 least now add food and staple items hmmmmmm $2500 a month. NOW toos in renters insuarnce ok thats small about $50 a month $2550 a month at least.

if your average single person earns $45,000 a year his net monthly income is 2262.50 OMG your in the red $287.50
guess my figures are off because i'm using family of 3
but we are over $45,000 a year son will be earning that soon.

he was at $38,500 before but he has massive student loans to pay off !

Have a GOOD day all i gotta get to work.

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Don't work to hard Buster, it's obvious you didnt on your math,  lines 
7-9 way to many errors couldn't go further. 

I know you try it's all anyone could ask for! 
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HEY Jeff quit it ok stop coming into my threads saying i got errors i quoted all during thread using short cuts so it would post in one  thread beacause Covers has a character limit!

YOU have lies in your chase system therefore it's a fallacy.

YOU say your going to win 2461 games and NO losses!

Therefore quit lying while your ahead because YOU forgot to mention the losses!

I included the losses in the normal betting system showing that using money management It can sustain long losing streaks and still Make money!

YOU may do the full math for each loss and win I only keep it easier for others to read and understand by saying for the month not day by day every single play showing each loss and each win that would take up a full 3 posts and bore people.

BUT so BE it i will now just do short version showing every loss in minute detail to the fooking penny if it makes you happy BUT i will only show it for a MONTHS time 4 weeks 4 plays per day yadda yadda yadda badda bing badda boom.

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The best system in the world is pickung winners. If you can't pick them, any ,oney management strategy is worthless.
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JERE we go in detail for the NIT PICKERS HATERS etc... every play in detail for one month thats a lot of wagers guys at 4 per day
112 to be exact so let me cut it in half to make it easier to read using small bank roll of only $500 which cannot ever work in any chase system ever in the history of gambling!

we are allowed to bet $10 daily using 2%
day one we go 0-2 - $10 Day 2  0-2  - $20 $480 left allows 9.60 to be wagered for day ok it's goofy to lower wagers now so we go the full $10

again we lost both games now stuck $30  bank is $470 we lost 6 games and still retain a large % of bank 94% i only lost 6% so now day 4 we bet two games and win both we won $19.00 $470 is now $489 am i correct JEFF mr math expert? YES i thgought so we are risking $10 to win $9.50 i think that's how vegas works.

WE are at 489 now so we bet same amount $10 win both games day 5 add another $19 and bank is at $508 gee whiz JEFF i lost 3 days won 2 and have a profit of $8 OMFG is this wild or what.

I didn't double up wagers at all i stayed at max wager of $10

day 6 we bet $10 bank is reduced of course to $498 we go 2-0 again add another $19 back we get back our risk plus win that's $29 coming back + $498 = $527

$527 - $10 = $517 bal  Day 7 we wen 1-1 WIN $4.50 Lose $5.00 minus .50  Bank is at $526.50 day 8 we bet $10 again bank bal. is 516.50 we won both games $29 comes bank the $19 won plus risked amount $10 you know what lets keep it easier no juice say it was all bets outside of bookies sports books just between others

so adjusted total is $525 day 8 we win both games NOW we are at $545 long losing streak happens  here we lost 14 games in one week we dropped $140 bank is reduced to $405 = only $8.10 allowed thats only 1 game per day now staying with strict money management after day 15 1/2 way point we still have 81% of our bank roll left. OK one game per day for the week we won all 7 that's
 $56 we won back bank is up to $461  ok i'm pushing to 3% now for final 15 days to win more money.

I feel positive energy life is going good made huge money at work

NOTICE this guys when your doing good in life your not under stress or any other human distraction.

$461 x 3 % = $13.83  round up to $14 daily day 16 we win both

$461 - $14 left bal at $447 WE get back risk plus win = $28 + $447 =  $475  same bet day 17  bal is $461 win both games = $489

day 18 same amount $14 bank bal is 475  win both we add back $28 bank bal is $503 X 3 % = $15.09 ok thats another $1 per day we can win Day 19 bet $15 bank bal is $488 win both add back $30

$518 new bal. same wager = new bal for day 20 of 503  win both games add back $30 = $533 X 3 % = $15.99 ok round up to $16 for months end .......

dat 21 we go 1-1 bank is reduced $8 to $525  day 22 we bet $16 bal is $509 we win both come back is $32 = $541 new balance

same bet $16 = 525 bal. day 23 we win both add back $32 = $557

X 3 % = 16.71 only 7 days left till day 30 we are hot red hot so push it to $17 daily day 24 bank bal is $540 after bets placed win both games come back is $34 = $574   next day 25 bank bal is $557 after bets .... win both add back $34 = $591 same bets $17 day bet day 26 win both games $574 plus $34 = $608 X 3 % = $18.25

we have 4 days left so we go for $18 a day shorten it up guys i don't want to bore with redundant details YOU won all 8 games $9 each X 8 = $72 + $608 =  $680 for net profit of a fat juicy $180 which is 36% of your starting bank of $500

next month you start with 2% of $680 or stay at 3% but i heartily recommend dropping back to 2% to stay in PLUS money. 

I been at this since i was 17 years old guys yes i'm 60 years old now 43 years time tested proven old time system that been around way before any new chase system.

what i lost from 17 yrs old til i was about 32 you cant even fathom

lets just say back then i could have funded 4 college educations

average loss per week $220 = $286,000 put in other guys pockets

we had no real internet back in early 80's i didnt get on until 1998 using friends PC.
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am i wrong when i assume that you have add your profit to the bank? not the profit + the money you wager?

let's stay with your example:
if you bet 10$ for the day, you initial 2% and you win on nearly even odds. the profit that sums up to the bank is not 19$, it is 9$
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You have to reduce the amount from your bank before you add it together again. So in your example after going 0-3 for the first three days. On the fourth bet before the win your bank is reduced to 460 because the amount you risk must be subtracted from the bank. And after the win your bank is up to 479 not 489.
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I do appreciate the knowledge that you bring to the forum, and I mean no disrespect, but your math is wrong on your second example, as well as your first one. Your second example puts three days worth of losses at -30, which means that you were betting $5 units. You then win your next two games and add $19 to your bankroll, which means that you changed your unit from $5 a game to $10 a game.  I think that most enjoy reading your posts, but your intended message may be lost when the numbers don't add up. 
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no kababyan i never changed units i bet same exact % per day that was $5 per game for 2 games at start

2% of $500 bank = $10 per day allowed $5 is minimum wager allowed i used no juice betting to keep it simple.

It's all true because i showed a long losing streak of 14 games in one week but wound up making a nice profit at end of 1st month
Chase systems all lie saying like one guy here does 2641 - 0

LMFAO what happend to the losses? ooo yeah they just flew away you won so much money on the 5th or 6th game chase the losses never existed.

HEY wanna talk about TOUTS!

That's what they do like this--- ON FIRE 24 - 2 get my best plays today only $25 WOW you say hes winning 92% i'll pay $25 for top plays guaranteed to go 2-0.

Bang shaboom YOU lost 0-2 now your out $220 plus his $25 - $245

so you buy again figure he has to win now opsssssssss you just got hoisted by a tout who gives out differnt games to each caller from his operators who earn commisions from you!

ME if i did this YOU get to talk to me live i explain why i like a side and how musch to wager on the game that you are comfortable with and i wouldnt charge you a penny until after you win!

which is paid upfront IF game losses your refunded the money if it wins i keep it.

That how i would do it!

ANd every caller gets same side i would have a forum password protected for every one to come in and see the plays for the day!

SO anyway the example above is accurate i never varied my bet % until the end i upped it to 3% of a winning bank roll to wager more money.
also orhane i used non vegas betting or bookie betting just as if me and you were betting the profit is 100% plus what you risked i showed each bank bal st  start of day later on in month after you bet $10 your bal is $490 you win both you get back your risk $10 plus YOUR win $10 bal is now $510

there is no errors in my math.

READ what i said no juice used later on to make it easier to follow the 30 days the new bank total was posted

QUOTE" you know what lets keep it easier no juice say it was all bets outside of bookies sports books just between others

so adjusted total is $525 "

525$ start of day 8 bet $10 bank bal is what?  yes $515 after placing bets!

win both games you get back $20 new bal is what?    $545

so wheres my errors ???

Cmon guys i been at this 43 years i lost 100's of thousands the 1st 10 years

Call that the higher cost of schooling 6 college educations back then in the 70's and 80's

I dint do this with pen and pencil either each day i used a calculator and double checked to make sure i put in right numbers!

i have zero errors i showed each daily wager according to bank with a slight increase at end up to $18 per day

orhane i see what your saying but i didn't do that early i just posted what it was


again we lost both games now stuck $30  bank is $470

we lost 6 games and still retain a large % of bank 94% i only lost 6% so now day 4 we bet two games and win both we won $19.00 $470 is now $489 

ok 470 was 460 win both games pay back is $19 YOUR RIGHT SLIGHT ERROR SHOULD BE $479 BIG WHOOOP $10 OK DECUCT $10 AND START FROM THERE

excuse me for being human!

YOU can now correct the error and repost it for others i'm done showing how the old way is best way there is no fast easy system in betting sports.

 If thier was don't you think the sharps and wiseguys and pros would have figured out after 100 years?

i really hate nit pickers really i do trying to call the best oldest system full of errors because i made 1 lil teeny weeny fuoooking mistake

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Impossible to read ramblings with errors and no juice factored in?

I give up.

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Quote Originally Posted by BUSTERDOUGLASS:

525$ start of day 8 bet $10 bank bal is what?  yes $515 after placing bets!

win both games you get back $20 new bal is what?    $545

so wheres my errors ???

Balance is $525, you bet $10 worth of even money bets.  Balance is now $515.  You win.  $10 worth of even money bets would return $20 (your $10 in bets, plus $10 of profit).  Balance is now $535, not $545.  There's your ERROR.  Just one of MANY.
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Sorry new here don't like being negative but your math Mr. Douglas is wrong.  You lose 2 and it is 10 bucks but you win 2 and it is 20 something is not right.
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Balance is $525, you bet $10 worth of even money bets.  Balance is now $515.  You win.  $10 worth of even money bets would return $20 (your $10 in bets, plus $10 of profit).  Balance is now $535, not $545.  There's your ERROR.  Just one of MANY

SO what i'm just showing the best way to make money betting sports thats all can you overlook the mistakes?

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Good morning Buster, glad to see you in the forum today. 
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OK lets do this short version there is no juice used it's all bets at 100 to win 100 MLB moneyline just to keep it simple.

Start with $1000 bank we will use the top % of 5% of out bank which is $50 per day

1st day we bet two games $25 Each Bank is reduced to $950

we lost both games

$950 X 5% = 47.50 ok i hate odd money we round off to $48

bank bal is now $902

WE lost both games

902X5% = 45.10 (strict money management)   ok two bets for total $22 each

we lost both games

we are 0-6 right now and we lost $98 which is .098 % of our starting bank of $1000 just under 10%.
 Imagine a chase system LOST where you double up your bets.
bank is reduced to $858
day 4 we bet $42  2 games $21 each

we lost again bank is reduced to $816 record is now 0-8

(btw i'm using real life example my friend TOM had a streak like this in bases last year)

add up Chasing bets doubling up after each loss for 8 straight games see how much of $1000 is left! 

day 5 we bet 2 games for $20 each bank is now at $776

O brother we lost both games again

WE lost $224 which is 0.244% of our bank and 100% losers 0-10

SEE why this system is honest?
I'm showing the losses Chase systems only say you WIN thousands WELL Fook That what does the bookie do when you lose? Or your sports Book? YES Guys they subtract your losses just like any other book does!

YOU have to pay when YOU lose there fore every chase system you see posted here or anywhere else is a Bold faced LIE !

OK we start now with only $776 X 5%  = $38.80  we bet 2 games for $19 each = $38


Bank Bal was at $738 after bets  WE get back our $38 + $38 WON

= $76 + $738 = $814

that was day 6

Day 7 we bet $40  on 2 games $20 Each
OMG a mini win streak we won 2 games again

bal was at $774 after bets we get back our $40 Plus $40 won = $80 + $774 = $854

Day 8 we bet $42 WE won both games again

= $812 + $84 = $896   short version showing bal after bets plus money won and risk amount returned.

Day 9 we go for $46 $23 each game because we are taking advantage of a winning streak now.

Where as a Chase system does not YOU stop after you WON!

bal is left at $850 after bets

WE win both games again new bal is at $942

 risk 46 + 46 won = $92

day 10 we now go for wager + 1/2 more 942 X 5% = 47.10

1/2 that = $23.55 + 47.10 =70.65 ok round off to $70

we are only increasing our betting % to 7% 2% more than 5% not like a chase system would at 100%  or 0 % after a win

ok 942 - 70 = 872 bal. after bets placed

WIN again NEW bal is now $1012   HELLO?? whatis this?? i now have a $12 profit only won 8 games after losing 10

Day 11 1012 X 7% now = same $70 win both bets

bank is now $1082

Bets go to $75 now for day 12

win both again bank is now up at $1157

day 13 we can bet $80

we go for it but we lost both games
bank is reduced to 1077 and so is our bet % cut to stay within MM

1077 X 5% = 53.85 make it 54$

bank is left at 1023

day 14 we go 1-1 we only get back 1 bet + the risk we lost $27

so 1023 + $27 = $1050

day 15  we bet $52

win both games = $998 + $104 = $1102

1102 X 5% = 55.10 = 27.55 each game ok round off to screw it lets up it to $56 that's still at 5%  = .050 

day 16 we bet 56$ win both games $1046 + $112 = $1158

and we  have 14 days left

lets keep winning and some losses here and there BUT i'm staying with 7% all the way  and increase to 10%  because I feel great life is going good family and all relatives everyone is happy.

day 17 we bet $80 lose both games arghhhhhhhhhh wtf happened???

bank is at $1078

day 18 we bet  $75 ....see that bet amount cut to $75 $5 less using same 7%
Chase systems do not do this because they double up after losses putting you at double risk losing

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Hey Bruin95 I don't like your name, just want to point that out.
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lets insert the chase system here this day 18
we lost $80 right so now we need to bet what $160 i hope that's right
160 out of 1078 = .148% of bank thats a fat overage of almost 10% more than the 5% max  it's .098% more

OK guys here it is a loss chase 2  YOUR bank is now cut to $918

NOW we revert back to the true system

WE lost only $75 bank is left at 1003 $85 more than your chase system ...please don't give me the labby lines BS to reduce risk i don't ever use any chase system ever in betting sports neither should you this is real this what happens when you lose you pay your bookie or sports book.

OK but i'm going back to MY wins and losses now because i want to show why this way is better because we take advantage of WINNING

I'll stay with the lower bank of 1003$  x 7% = $70 again i point out i just cut my wager a full $10 because i used the same % as before 7%
so day 19 we bet 70 win both games

bank is up to 1073$

day 20 we bet $75  win both games bank is up to $1148

day 21 we bet $80 ( see this! same 7% bets increased only $5)

WE win both games

bank is up to $1228 i have a fat profit of 228$ which is .228% of our start bank of $1000  the units are not $100 we are using only $10 units so we are up .228  units and we have 9 days left

Do you see the beauty of the oldest best betting system ever used? The one that's been used for 100's of years by the pros in our country .

IT automatically adjust your wagers by staying with same % which controls your wagers and i'm only betting on 2 games daily not 5 not 10.

LETS continue.

day 22 we can bet 85.96 we round up to 86$

ops bad day we lost both games 1228 - 86 = 1142 X 7% = 79.94

so day 23 we bet $80 opssssssssss lose again arghhhhhhhhh a losing streak 0-4 a mini streak we can recover from

remember the bets are even money base ball all are at 100 to win 100.

That's the juice period! Because base ball betting is on the money line.

bank is reduced $1062 X 7 % = $75 we can bet

day 24 we bet 75$ win both games bank is up $1137

we have 6 days left

day 25  we bet $80 win both bank is up to $1217

I'm increasing to 10% now to take advantage of a small win streak
for final 5 days out of 30.

I do believe there are 30 days in month of april.

day 26 we bet 122$ 61$ each game

bank bal. is at $1095 after bets.

WE won both games new bal is $1339

day 27 we bet $134  67$ each game WE win again both games

WE risked $134 we win $134 that's $268 come back to bal of $1205 after the bets placed = $1473

day 28 we bet 148  $74 each game we win both again
NEW bal. is $1621

just to show no errors for you haters

1473 - 148  1325 left after bets placed

we bet 148 we won 148 = $296 come back + $1392 = new balance of $1668

day 29 we bet $168 that's 84$ each game bal after bets is $1500

we won both games thats a come back of $336 new bal is now $1836 X 10 % for final day = 183.60 ok round up to to 184

1836 - 184 = 1652 left after bets placed

= 92$ so our units per game are still only $10 units but we are at full 1.84 units daily for this day

DAY 30 we won both games $368 comes back to the $1652

= $2020  a full $1020 PROFIT after the 1st month so using 10$ units we are up what 102 units ........... 102 UNITS OMFG are you kidding me???

LETS do this next post with full units $100 start with $2000 bank

same as above posts with the 10 game losing streak in there !

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Hey Buster, can you do that including -130 juice?
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Quote Originally Posted by Bart_:

Hey Buster, can you do that including -130 juice?

Of course he can, just look he went on a 39-21 65% win streak in his story. To bad he cant do that for a whole season! 
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$2000 start
 we bet $200 daily for 5 days $100 each game WE lost every game 0-10 start we are down $1000  we cannot increase bet % any higher that 10%

so we bet $100 daily $50 each game next 3 days we win all 6 games

so $900 + 200$ = $1100 1000+200 = 1200 1100+200 =1300
ok we are $1300 record is 6-10

day 9 we bet $130 win both games

bank is back up to $1430

day 10 we bet 143$ on two games win both

bank is up to $1573

day 11 we bet only one game for 157 it wins

bank is up to 1730
day 12 we bet 173$

one game it loses bank is down to $1557

day 13 we bet $155 we lose again
bal. is now $1402

day 14 we bet 140 on 2 games $70 each

we win both bank is up to $1542

day 15 we bet $154  we won bank is up to $1696

day 16 we bet 170 we win bank is up to 1886

day 17 we bet 186 w win bank is up to 2052

day 18 we bet $205 we win bank is up to $2257

day 19 we bet 225 we win bank is up to $2482

day 20 we bet 248 we win bank is up to $2730

day 21 we bet 273  we win bank is up $3003

day 22 we bet more than 10% we are on a winning streak and want to take full advantage of it so we we bet 15% now

3003 X 15% = $450.45

day 23 we bet 450 we win bank is up to 3453$

day 24 we bet $518 we win bank is up to $3971

day 25 we bet $397 we win bank is up to $4368

day 26 we bet $655 we win bank is up to $5023

day 27 we bet $753 we win bank is up to $5776

ok we really are hot we go for more final 3 days to really boost winnings 1000 wagers 10 units

day 28 we bet 1000$ we win bank is now up to $6776

day 29 we bet $1000 we win bank is now up to $7776

day 30 we bet $1000 we win final Bank is now $8776 

$6776 profit  PLUS 67.67 units

 i didnt double up wagers early i only increased  the % at end to 15% then 3 final  days up to 10 units of $1000

END of this thread THE old way is best when your running lucky take advantage of it that's just one game per day most days

imagine if they all were small dogs of +115 on average

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HEY bart it dosent matter if its favorites at all - 130 we just have to bet more money to get to same figure unlike jef posted above at 65% win streak

correction on your error jeff that not WINNING streak

that just a winning %

a win streak was the final half of my 30 days NO losses 100% wins taking advantage of WINS

Chase systems DO NOT i reapeat Take advantage of wins YOU said and so do all others YOU stop betting after a WIN and start a NEW chase.

FFFFFOOOOOOOKKKK DAT i want to WIN money as much as possible when im on a winning streak be it 5 days or 20 days

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That was a cool story,you lose first 10 and then go on a 30-2 win streak!    Life is good on fantasy island! 
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Buster how many units did you win last year in MLB? From the sounds of your story you must of won over 400 units! 
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HEY JEFF you call it fantasy island and so do i call your chase system which you said first post of thread 2641 -0

also a fantasy world and a bold faced lie right out of gate so stop trying to diss this method of betting that's been in use for 100's of years by the pros of the gambling industry.

YOU having fun now? Yeah ok keep on laughing.

YOU go by UNITS i go by $ won or Made for the season

I forgot what i made in bases last year I do know i made a lot of money betting $50 per game or $100 I just don't keep records of my bets won or lost in real world i only know what's in my pocket at end of week or the day!

MY local i bet with is cash up front we do it weekly bal makes it easier

we start on mon. end sun

HE keeps bets recorded in his book ...i don't have to look because i see it written when i bet at the posted line.

I have too much going on around me working to worry about how many units i won or lost or made.

BOTTOM line I have a + at end of Year that's all it matters to me

after the year if i won $25,000 betting sports I did a great job

if i won $1000 at end of year I did a great job also PERIOD !

I will post my plays and wagers in MLB from start of season in april and end of each month record wins vs losses and MONEY Made!

NOTE i said MONEY Made now won I belive in treating sports betting as a JOB where i make money with 100% R O I in 3 hrs

A normal job you make maybe $100 per day but your taxed heavier than the 10% juice YOU are not getting 100% ROI on any day but hell yes your getting 70% of what you earn.

However your at the mercy of another who tells you what to do each day!

Plus he can can you any time HE feels like it.

have a nice day !

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