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New York Knicks Odds & Betting Lines 2022-2023

The New York Knicks have been a true blue-collar team this season, working their way up the standings in the NBA's Eastern Conference. They've done it all without a bonafide superstar but with a collection of emerging NBA talent. Led by Jalen Brunson, the Knicks hit the NBA All-Star Break in holding down the sixth seed in the East with room to grow. New York added Josh Hart, a spark to the Knick's second-unit offense, at the trade deadline.

Bettors looking to wager on the Knicks through the NBA regular season home stretch, make sure to get the best NBA odds and Knicks player props before making your bets.

New York Knicks Point Spread

When betting on Knicks point spread odds, you're betting on the margin of victory in the game. NBA point spread betting handicaps the favorites with the number of points by which they must win the game and the underdogs with a corresponding number for them to lose within or win outright.

In the example below, the Knicks are +3.5 point favorites against the Atlanta Hawks. To cover against the spread, the Knicks must win outright or lose by fewer than four points. The Hawks must win at least 4 points to cover the spread as the favorite in this example. The ".5" assigned to the odds is called a hook and prevents a bet from pushing. The second set of odds (-110) is called the vig or the juice and is the cost of placing the bet.

Teams Odds
New York Knicks +3.5 (-110)
Atlanta Hawks -3.5 (-110)

New York Knicks Over/Under

When betting on the NBA Totals and Over/Unders for Knicks games, you're betting on the total amount of points scored in a game by both teams. You can also find betting markets for team-specific point totals and totals per half or quarter of the game. Additionally, totals are the primary way of betting on NBA player props, such as total player points in a game.

In the example below, the Over/Under total for the Knicks vs. Hawks game is 233. Bettors taking the Over need the total combined score of the Knicks and Hawks to be 234 or more, while Under bettors need the game to end with 232 or fewer points. If the game ended in precisely 233 points, the bet would push, and bettors would get their wager returned to them.

Game Over Under
New York Knicks vs. Atlanta Hawks 233 (-110) 233 (-110)

New York Knicks Moneyline

Betting on the Knicks moneyline odds is very simple: pick the winner of the game. As with point spread odds, NBA moneyline odds have a favorite and an underdog. The favorite is indicated by a negative number, or minus money, for their odds. At the same time, the underdog has a positive number or plus money.

In the example below, the Knicks are the underdog against the Hawks, and their odds are set at +140, meaning they win $140 on a $100 wager. The Hawks are the odds favorites in this game at -165, meaning that a bettor needs to wager $165 to win $100.

Teams Odds
New York Knicks +140
Atlanta Hawks -165

New York Knicks Futures Odds

Knicks futures betting odds let you bet the team's odds of achieving specific outcomes in the future, whether that be the end of the regular season or the playoffs. Examples of NBA futures odds you can bet with the Knicks include:

You could even bet on Knicks players to win regular-season awards, such as the NBA MVP or most improved player awards.

In the example below, the Knicks have odds of +15,000 to win the NBA Finals, while the odds-favorite Boston Celtics have +400. These longer odds make the Knicks a big long shot to win the Finals; therefore, the bet's payout is much more. At these odds, a $10 bet on the Knicks would win a bettor $1500.

Teams Odds
Boston Celtics +400
New York Knicks +15,000

New York Knicks Player Prop Odds

Knicks Player props are one of the most popular ways to bet on basketball and are becoming more popular. NBA player props allow you to bet on a player's performance in a single game over several statistical categories.

In the example below, bettors can bet on Jalen Brunson's point total against the Hawks. Oddsmakers set Brunson's point total at 26.5 points. Bettors on the Over need Brunson to score at least 27 points against the Hawks, while Under backers are hoping for 26 or fewer points from the Knicks' star guard.

Player Points Over Points Under
Jalen Brunson o26.5 (-110) u26.5 (-110)

How To Make Smart Bets On Knicks Games

If you're new to betting and want to place bets on the Knicks, here are three ways to make smart bets on your favorite NBA team.

Get the best odds

Betting can be like shopping, where the odds are your selections' prices. You only want to pay what you should; different sportsbooks can have other odds for the same selection.

If you were betting the Knicks moneyline and one book offered it at -170 and the other at -150, you should place your bet at the book offering it at -150 so that a winning bet of the same wager would profit you more.

Our NBA odds comparison tool shows you the best odds available at the best basketball betting sites and various legal sportsbooks in your area, including sports betting in New York.

Recent performance and current form

When looking at a Knicks matchup to bet on, don't pay too much attention to the teams' overall records or position in the standings. Instead, look back at the teams' past 10 games and examine those win-loss records and statistical outputs on both ends of the floor. If a team has been in a shooting slump of late and comes up against stingy defense, that could easily continue.

Watch for injuries and rest

Most NBA teams are top-heavy, meaning that much of their identity and success flows through their best players. Teams often hit a rough patch when those players get injured, where treading water is the best possible outcome. Bettors should always check the injury report before betting to see if a star player's absence changes the game's complexion.

For the NBA, in particular, many star players take nights off for rest during the long grind of an NBA season. Watch for last-minute lineup changes due to rest and nights off.

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