Final Jun 17
SD 2 +170 o9.5
PHI 9 -186 u9.5
Final (12) Jun 17
STL 7 -141 o7.0
MIA 6 +130 u7.0
Final Jun 17
CIN 1 +163 o8.0
PIT 4 -179 u8.0
Final Jun 17
BOS 7 +109 o7.5
TOR 3 -118 u7.5
Final Jun 17
DET 1 +176 o8.0
ATL 2 -193 u8.0
Final Jun 17
SF 7 +103 o10.0
CHC 6 -111 u10.0
Final Jun 17
NYM 14 +123 o8.5
TEX 2 -133 u8.5
Final Jun 17
LAD 9 -156 o12.0
COL 5 +143 u12.0
Final Jun 17
MIL 3 -130 o9.0
LAA 5 +120 u9.0
NBC Bay Area, MLBN, Sportsnet

San Francisco @ Pittsburgh picks

PNC Park

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74% picking Pittsburgh at (0)


Total PicksSF 100, PIT 288


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