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What have we learned so far...

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Author: [Nascar] Topic: What have we learned so far...
alangrrbs PM alangrrbs
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Posted: 3/19/2013 10:57:31 AM
Thought I'd start a thread and get some thoughts now that we have some races under our belt.  I've been betting very little as I'm waiting to get some information on these new cars.

Here's what I've noticed...Yes, this may be obvious stuff, but it's a good way to get everyone's thoughts.

1.  Gibbs cars as a whole seem to have the new cars figured out.  Just a little better than Hendricks cars, and better than the Roush and Childress cars.

2.  Hendricks cars are very good...Kahne seems to have the best car right now out of that team.  I look for Jimmie and Jeff to keep improving their cars and really be a force as the year goes on.

3.  Keselowski has a fantastic crew chief/pit strategy.  Seems like they can make some pretty amazing changes in-race to make his car better, and they are masters at knowing when to take 2 tires, not to pit, etc.

4.  Menard has the most points of any Childress driver.

5.  Seems to me there are some guys having good solid years, but nobody is talking about them.  Dale Jr, Bowyer, Biffle come to mind.  Could be some value to them in matchups, and top 10 finishes.

6.  Not sure if it's just bad luck or what, but Stewart and Newman are really struggling.  Newman drove a good race, but was never really competitive with the leaders.  He stayed out of trouble, but he's still 23rd in points.

7.  I really hope Danica does well...I think if she's successful it will really be great for NASCAR as a whole, but honestly, she's embarassing right now.  No excuse to be this slow and off the pace in the car she's in.  I'm ready to lay a lot of juice against her if they post matchups or finish positions.

8.  Kyle is such a hard driver to bet $ on.  He has a great car, he's a great driver, but he continues to make really dumb mistakes.  His speeding penalty at Bristol that early in the race was awful.  No reason for it, and then ultimately he has to kill himself and his car trying to get to the front.  Seems like he keeps doing things like this when he has the car to win.  At the end of the race, yes he finished up front, but he should've been able to save his car for a run at a win. 

I'd love to get some other thoughts and points of view...

yourpixelarmy PM yourpixelarmy
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Posted: 3/19/2013 11:50:34 AM
* On the topic of the Gibbs cars.. I think Kenseth has clearly been the strongest driver of the year. Kahne has been close, but the #20 should honestly have 3 wins in 4 races already. However, I am still somewhat hesitant that the Toyota motors are going to let go on the 1.5+ mile tracks.

* If the #2 or #20 are ever over 10:1, they are worth a serious look.

* Menard is just a better driver than people want to give him credit for. I'm going to keep watching for him to show up in matchups just like this past week where he was an easy play over Ambrose.

* Jeff Burton needs to hang it up. Nobody should ever spend a dollar on him. I'm sorry to say it because I like him, but man... he's a backmarker now. 

* I want to be on Danica's side, but she has been appalling. I understand she was rushed into this wayyyy too quickly, but it's embarrassing to see that green car with all the pretty sponsorship on it running about as fast as Joe Nemechek who has to change his own tires when he pits.
catdaddy18 PM catdaddy18
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Posted: 3/19/2013 2:23:34 PM
I also would like to see Danica do well but she just doesn't have it. If she was driving Kasey's car last week her results would be no different. She should still be in the nationwide series bottom line.

The sport is so competitive right now, Gibbs has a slight advantage right now and i mean slight over Hendricks and i would put Penske 3rd.

Logono is probably undervalued he was fast at vegas but got a speeding penalty and we all seen what happen last week.

Kyle said in his interview they have been pushing too hard for an advantage on pit road and need to cut back.

Ive said before Stewart is by far the hardest driver to predict and still is, would not surprise me too see him win this week or run 20th
stats1 PM stats1
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Posted: 3/19/2013 11:18:17 PM
Stewart and Gordon r very hard to predict what u r going to get week in and week out but Stewart always seems to heat up in June and win 3 of 6 races or go on some stretch of 7 straight top 5's  Tony's slow start doesn't worry me yet!!!  Burton has 1 win left n the tank!!!  Don't give a rats asssss about Danica and lastly it wouldn't surprise me to c Kyle Larson in a cup car this year if he keeps up what he has been doing and Juan or mcmurray keep shitting the bed both of them are in a contract year and haven't done shittt lately!!!! 
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