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Thursday Soccer

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DestroyThePitch PM DestroyThePitch
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Posted: 3/14/2019 5:58:00 AM
Well, I’m pretty happy, to say the least. Even with the own goal, I was really delighted with our performance. Not really surprised, well maybe a lil lol. Now I guess we’ll all anxiously await the draw for the next round. This might be unfair to Porto, but I’m sure everyone is hoping for that draw. But we all know that City or Barca are gonna “magically” get them. While Pool will probably draw Juve lol 

Speaking of Barca... guess those “old”guys can still play huh??  Apparently better than the old guys Real Madrid have... who knew... oh wait...some ppl will never progress as cappers. Just stuck in a perpetual chain of losing. Just beyond help.  Sucks to be them lol

Only one for right now. Might add more later. 

Arsenal to win to nil +125
- too much value for me to pass up on. They were unfortunate to go down a man in the away leg. But before playing with 10, they were dominating. The difference in class will be there again today. Arsenal are a different team at home and you’ll see a different game from them. Was gonna lay the 1.5 but it’s too juiced. Worth a play live if it gets to a decent level. 

benhogan76 PM benhogan76
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Posted: 3/14/2019 6:59:25 AM
DTP Win big buds
RimboStacks PM RimboStacks
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Posted: 3/14/2019 9:26:33 AM

Huge result for the boys yesterday! an_clap

BOL mang an_cheers

yorosan PM yorosan
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Posted: 3/14/2019 10:38:17 AM

Good luck DTP 

specimen24 PM specimen24
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Posted: 3/14/2019 2:01:35 PM
first of all... congrats on ur guys ystday. they were the better team. and this makes for an interesting Qtr-Finals.     put a gun to my head and i think we see another all-EPL matchup in one of the them.  

UEFA should stick those Manchester clubs together.   save the clubs the travel expense too. 
to me, all the teams remaining are good and offer something for everyone to be concerned with. and truth of the matter we will have to 'nitpick' to find perceived advantages/disadvantages.    just on styles alone, the only team I'd prefer NOT to see is Barca. (and that is not a 'knock' on any of the EPL squads)
if we play like we did last gave we're gonna be a tough out, but the only time Juve plays like that is when our back are to the wall. its annoying)

GL with Arsenal today     the fact i have no monetary involvement with it increases your chances of winning 5x. 
DestroyThePitch PM DestroyThePitch
Joined: Sep 2014
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Posted: 3/14/2019 6:28:21 PM

Spec   I think for sure we get an all EPL matchup in the next one. I would honestly be fine if it were us too. Save us travel and also, Id really rather not see Barca or you guys in the next round. But whatever the draw, it isn’t gonna be easy.  I would just like to see Barca and City actually draw someone other than fukking Porto, but you know it’s coming. 

Arsenal took care of business like I thought they would.  Props to Rennes to making them work for it tho. Just not even close to the same class. 

Helping my sister move this weekend so not sure how much I’ll be able to get around and to post. So GL with all your wagers. 
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