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Boston Celtics VS Atlanta Hawks

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cowbay1000 PM cowbay1000
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Posted: 1/5/2013 5:28:34 AM
Game time :2013 -01-06 08:00Historical battle record: the past 10 games against the Eagles 4 wins and 6 losses, including 4 wins 2 losses

Predict the outcome: Hawks wins Handicap Recommended: to the Eagles let 5.5 points, Hawks win
Victory points difference prediction: The primary wins 1-5/6-10 points the size sub Recommended: over (187.5 points)

The last home to face the league's best defensive team the Grizzlies, the Celtics There is no capacity for resistance, the final 10-point loss to opponents, home again fall 4-game losing streak, the team was brutally, the current team only ranked 9th in the eastern part of 14 wins and 17 negative results again this season lvshanjun fell out of the top 8, encountered unprecedented difficulties. The final battle of 2012, 96 118 big score they lost to the king, that is three consecutive west away, the third consecutive game defeat. The first battle of the New Year, the home team defeat the same, Although today home victory over the Pacers, but the illness of the Green Army is only a temporary remission nothing. Consecutive three western away, Green Army field are losing up to 108.3 points, even if the defensive midfielder Bradley FireWire comeback, but the defender sidelined for up to seven months, whether the team can bring the kind of effect, at least from the last few games, he does not bring to the team a qualitative leap. Currently the team at both ends in an unbalanced state, Rondo recently by the hip injury, regardless of open shots or playing pick-and-roll appeared to be inadequate, the performance of this guard will directly determine the direction of the team.
Eagles usher in the B2B same game today away 1 point loss to the Pistons, the end of a three game road trip, but the team lost in the New Year three away games, the team's state slightly undulating, but the Eagles nearly 7-game win enough games throughout December, the Eagles made a good record of 10 wins and 5 losses, field goal percentage and three-point shooting rate reached 45.6% and 38.4%, respectively, the coach also was elected in December ranking 3rd best coach in the east, although lose today, but the Hawks still Immediately after the Heat and the Knicks, are weak team opponent's strength in the coming week, the Eagles have the opportunity to continue to secure their position. The field clash for the first time the two teams this season, the playoffs last season, Hawks 2 than 4 out of the Celtics, the scene of lackluster Celtics, Hawks promising reported last season, a stone's throw revenge.
Track on the Eagles a little dominant Celtics recent too bad, a variety of problems in the team who, I am afraid it is difficult to solve for a time, but, after all, the Celtics fundamentals are still the Eagles want to easily beat his opponent not realistic, Eagles win Win. The partial default size is 187.5 points, the Celtics have lost their proud defensive, on the contrary, the Eagles' home fighting has always been reliable, the season so far scoring average of 100.5 points, the game recommended over!!!

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jambo12 PM jambo12
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Posted: 1/5/2013 6:35:15 AM
Just me or does the above make no sense at all?
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Posted: 1/5/2013 6:57:54 AM
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