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Need Explanation

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gizmoTek PM gizmoTek
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Posted: 2/27/2017 6:16:14 AM
I neeed an explanation on something. I took Liverpool on an alternate spread of -0.75 with a (-127) payout instead of the -0.5 spread with a (-165) payout on my sportsbook. Can someone explain to me the difference between -0.5 and -0.75 in soccer. To me, they both seem like the same thing which is a a Moneyline spread, but why is the payout for taking the -0.75 line better than the -0.5 line? Liverpool would have to win by one goal to cover the -0.5 spread. Isn't this the case for a -0.75 spread also or am i missing something?
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Covers-Team PM Covers-Team
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Posted: 2/27/2017 9:34:25 AM

When you bet on a team with the alternate -0.75 handicap, if that team wins by 1 goal, you win half of your bet. If the team wins by 2 or more goals, you win the full bet amount. 

So the wager is basically broken down into two bets: one at -0.5 and one at -1. Hope that helps.

- CT
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