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Wrong Date blows a streak of 10

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Author: [Streak Survivor] Topic: Wrong Date blows a streak of 10
Peeler14 PM Peeler14
Joined: Jul 2010
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Posted: 8/26/2010 10:08:03 PM
I made one mistake and it costs me huge. I picked the Oakland vs Cleveland game on the 25th thinking it was for that night, and elated to see Oakland up 5-0 after the 1st and an eventual 6-1 final, only to be crushed by the fact I had picked the game for the 26th. Of course it comes back to haunt me, Oakland loses and my streak ends in shambles... Back to the drawing board, but this time every date will be double checked.. I do wish there was more separation in the dates though.. Anybody else with a similar story??
CavetEmptor PM CavetEmptor
Joined: Nov 2007
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Posted: 8/27/2010 1:32:26 PM

Maybe you had your mind on something "zaney" at the time. Tough luck bro. 


djs425 PM djs425
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Posted: 8/28/2010 8:53:23 AM
I have picked a game on future date several times by mistake but never as costly as yours.
smoothd20 PM smoothd20
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Posted: 9/6/2010 8:26:31 PM
I have done this when I had a W1 or 2. I always check the date now though to make sure.
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