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Friday Hoops

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Author: [College Basketball] Topic: Friday Hoops
Encore PM Encore
Joined: Oct 2011
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Posted: 12/9/2011 6:16:40 PM
RPP...What's wrong with this picture???
Liquorinfront PM Liquorinfront
Joined: Nov 2009
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Posted: 12/9/2011 6:23:58 PM
Neil -  I gotta put some value on Cartwright as a leader and court general.  Marble is a slasher and an atheletic guy(good genes, his dad was an all-american for the hawkeyes).  This game has written "stay away" on it
grindhouse PM grindhouse
Joined: Nov 2011
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Posted: 12/9/2011 9:18:42 PM
Yo NROPP thank you very much for posting your lines on saturdays games !!! seeing some good plays !!!
lottamoneynono PM lottamoneynono
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Posted: 12/9/2011 9:22:00 PM

UHMMM Yeah Rider gave maximum effort in the 2nd half...


bail8gent PM bail8gent
Joined: Feb 2011
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Posted: 12/10/2011 8:53:34 AM
Great job on VCW!! Cha Ching !! You have been crushing it latelty Neil on your higher star picks! Thanks again !! 
WagnerSeahawk PM WagnerSeahawk
Joined: Jan 2010
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Posted: 12/10/2011 9:54:57 AM
once again you are the F'n man!  i saved a thread from late last season and you were on the most insane run I've ever seen.  i saved it if you want to see... but it was about 3 weeks straight of killing it.  i just got back on covers last week and actually just started following you on Tuesday.  and since then you've been rollin!  keep it up man I'd love to see another epic run! 
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