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Zach Parise is a Selfish Arrogant Jerk!!!

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Author: [NHL Betting] Topic: Zach Parise is a Selfish Arrogant Jerk!!!
Cannon88 PM Cannon88
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Posted: 7/7/2012 1:17:36 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by JTFinn:


Pissball  ...  Maybe they did want to go to a WINNER.  When was the last time the Flyers ever won?  LONG TIME AGO EH  The Wild may win a cup before the Flyers do so how are they greedy by taking less money to be in Minnesota? 

This cannot be serious...go to a winner? Didn't the Devils just play in the Stanley Cup finals?? Are you telling me that Minnesota is better than Nashville? Not a chance...

They both want to be paid...and they both want to play..err...hide in a market where there is no pressure...I mean why would you pick Minnesota over NY, LA or Philly...etc? 

Zach (Benedict Arnold) Praise is a punk...pure and simple. Hey Zach, since you are hurting for money, why don't you cash in that silver medal you lost in the Olympics? I understand there is a good price on silver...

There is class....Brodeur staying in NJ when he could have had more lucrative offers......then there are fools...like 
Praise and Suter....

I love stirring the pot.....
Lippsman PM Lippsman
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Posted: 7/7/2012 12:27:07 PM

What everyone seems to be glossing over is that Praise is playing home now.

But Brodeur getting more money somewhere else.  I really don't know of a team that would of given him more than $4.5  year.

claude_gir0ux PM claude_gir0ux
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Posted: 7/7/2012 1:04:39 PM
flyers always in the playoffs JT
konabuzz PM konabuzz
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Posted: 7/7/2012 3:26:43 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by HutchEmAll:

this team should be in the hunt for a playoff spot.

In the hunt?   I thought you were insane.....then I saw you are a Vancouver fan.  That confirmed it.  

Confirmed what?  Common sense?  In the hunt is being optimistic.  The Wild finished well out of the fray this season despite being hot for a short stretch.  Remember, they signed Parise and Sutor not Gretzky and Coffey. 

The signings of Parise and Sutor are like putting lipstick on a pig.

Name 7 Western Conference teams (yeah, yeah realignment) that Minny will finish ahead of next year.

I'll start it off for you........Columbus

All you need to do now is add 6 WC teams that will be worse than Minny.  If you can do this I will name 8 WC teams that will finish ahead of Minny.

Sorry to say Hutch, Minny will be no better than a bubble team and that's being very optimistic.  Once you get Zach Parise's cock out of your mouth you might see the light.

Now.........get your shine box you ignorant back-woods American darn.
Jaysvdubwhat PM Jaysvdubwhat
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Posted: 7/7/2012 4:23:10 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by pinballwizard:

Not sure how you could have thought the Flyers were in the running for both these selfish jerks? I mean how did you think they were going to free up space to lure them? Trade Giroux?

Giroux only makes like 3.5 mil a yr
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