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MLB: A system to consider Part 3

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Posted: 3/23/2013 12:04:36 PM

8. In Step 7 you are creating a data base.  After you have recorded enough data you can start using that data for upcoming games. For example - if you come across a game where the home team had an opeing line that was considered a MF and the pitchers had ranks that were close (identical is ideal) 56 - 41 you would bet the home team because history has shown that the home team has won in similar situations previously.  

9. I find this helps me pick the spots more consistently than simply looking at era or strikeouts.

10. Couple of notes - this system works up thru the trade deadline - after that you have to start up another data base using the same method. The reason - the teams that have to win begin to win.

11. Another thing to look at are the pitchers report cards. If a pitcher has a nd - no decision and had pitched great - often that pitcher will lose the next game out. This seems to be the humnature factor that comes into play - i'm trying to simply say take a look at how a pitcher preformed the last time out it can help in the decision making process. 

12. Streaks - i find 7 is an important number in baseball - if a team loses or wins 7 games in a row - very often that streak will end.  Also, keep and eye on streaks of 4 - that seems to be where teams reset as well.
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