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Houston at Denver (09/23/2012)

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Author: [Pro Football] Topic: Houston at Denver (09/23/2012)
forkball PM forkball
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Posted: 9/22/2012 9:27:22 AM
Players around Manning still trying to figure it out and eventually they will but not this week.
Tarynfor12 PM Tarynfor12
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Posted: 9/22/2012 10:18:42 AM
Houston must get the Peyton monkey off their back...a loss here could bother them all season.
joshcenci12345 PM joshcenci12345
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Posted: 9/22/2012 2:41:14 PM
not sold on houston, i know i know their D is strong but i will never go against peyton at home getting points.  NEVER.  Im not hating on Houston at all, they are playing in weakest division in football and will cakewalk into the playoffs with atleast a 12-4 record but one of their losses will be here at Denver.  Denver wins this one 24-20 tight great game here
thekirk PM thekirk
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Posted: 9/22/2012 4:52:27 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by forkball:

Players around Manning still trying to figure it out and eventually they will but not this week.

I think this is the most spot on comment I've seen in this thread so far. Agreed, Peyton is a phenomenal QB, Hall of Fame material, and one of the greats to play the game, but he's got some adjusting to do now that he's in Denver. Look at some of the other great quarterbacks who came back but had to switch teams. Favre didn't do quite so great when he didn't have his receivers from Greenbay. Vick took some time to get back into his groove after going to Philadelphia. Peyton doesn't have his Colts around him anymore, he has a whole new group of guys that aren't used to his no-huddle offensive style. Look how that worked out in the Dome in Atlanta, not too well. His guys just looked confused as he tried to switch up the plays and adapt to Atlanta's fluid deception defense.

And for those who say 'Peyton has Houston's number' c'mon, give me a break. The last season Peyton was healthy with the Colts (2010-2011) Houston and Indy split the two games they played. Year before that, given, they beat Houston both games, but the year before THAT they split the series. Peyton is NOT undefeated against Houston. Houston has seen Peyton, they know how he operates, and they'll shut down his pass game, which will leave Denver with their run attack, which the Texans have already demonstrated they can shut down at will as they held Reggie Bush to 69 yards over 16 carries.

This is going to be a close game, and one I'll thoroughly enjoy watching. If anything I may take the under, as someone said before Kubiak isn't one to drive up the score if they're doing well, they'll just eat up a lot of clock until the games over. Seems he doesn't care how wide the margin is so long as they get the W at the end of the day. It just seems a bit foolish to pile on Peyton without giving a little more reasoning besides 'He's Peyton Manning'. That didn't work out so well for those who backed him last week against Atlanta. Houston's Defense has picked off Manning's passes numerous times in the past, I wouldn't be too surprised to see a few more turnovers from Manning tomorrow.

joedaddy76 PM joedaddy76
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Posted: 9/23/2012 12:43:07 AM

I think as the year goes on, we will realize that Denver is improved at the QB position but still have some other positions to improve.  Atlanta CRUSHED Denver Donkeys last week.  It wasn't even close.  In fact, it should've been a bigger blowout had Atlanta kept their foot on the gas and called better plays off the turnovers.  Texans are a playoff team but I'm not so sure about Denver.  Running game is suspect and receiving corps is not far from spectacular.  Defensive line is nothing to be scared of and safeties are mediocre.

I like Houston here with better value as this game being pretty much a pick em.  Theyre the better team without a doubt.

DrDogs PM DrDogs
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Posted: 9/23/2012 2:14:15 AM
Den after a ridiculous start last week crept back a little. With all the hype and hope for houston this line should be-3. With peyton ok drop to it to pick em. Damn line seems right. Den for the large. Trust me im a doctor!!
houstonrick PM houstonrick
Joined: May 2009
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Posted: 9/23/2012 2:26:49 AM
houston hasn't played an NFL qb yet this year. tannehill and gabbert are bottom tier. this is the texans 1st true test. road game against peyton. schaub has been consistent when healthy. with the 2 headed monster in the backfield (foster and tate) and kubiak starting his coaching career in denver, i think they're are much better games to go with. this one has too many variables. i also don't like to go against home dogs. going to stay away from this one.
ATLiens007 PM ATLiens007
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Posted: 9/23/2012 6:50:38 AM
Even though Houston has been running the ball like crazy.  Schaub is still a deadly accurate passer.  Remember people that Schaub did pass for over 5,000 yards when he was healthy for the whole season.  Also Andre Johnson is still a catch machine!!!!
Joined: Mar 2008
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Posted: 9/23/2012 10:29:49 AM
Houston Texans -2 LARGE
echelon1 PM echelon1
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Posted: 9/23/2012 11:47:36 AM
Under  Denver defense will be even stronger at home, and they are great against the run.  Which Texans use to set their gameplan.  Houston defense is just really good and will limit Peyton to cutting down the risks some.  All makes for a tight game and an under bet.
jorge112270 PM jorge112270
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Posted: 9/23/2012 12:58:10 PM
Texan396 PM Texan396
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Posted: 9/23/2012 1:09:15 PM

Keep riding Houston till they throw ya and it wont be today.Hou still has Peyton on the brain and want some payback for his past abuses.Im thinking Hou by 10 at the end of the day.Did get it in at -1 1/2.BoL all!

easypics PM easypics
Joined: Jun 2008
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Posted: 9/23/2012 3:28:14 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by ATLiens007:

Ah hello HOUSTON #1 DEFENSE in the NFL!!!!

Aloha , Helloa  ! Too much Sun Brother ?

# 1 Defense vs Florida Grapefruit League Foes

Great toss   up game

usmail PM usmail
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Posted: 9/23/2012 6:20:08 PM



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