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Bob Arum Already Has Your Money In His Pocket

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Author: [Boxing] Topic: Bob Arum Already Has Your Money In His Pocket
SoCal6341 PM SoCal6341
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Posted: 6/10/2012 4:56:55 AM
Let us assess this controversial decision. Manny Pacquiao has steamrolled all competition over the past seven years and let us not kid ourselves, contenders have been wearing thin. Then comes Timothy Bradley, a fighter built up as a fan favorite prefight against Manny. Bradley has the unblemished record, the physique to match up, and a feel good story with his two children he inherited. Bradley is the hard worker, the one with no entourage. Hell, his dad remains in his corner, and no, do not compare Mayweather having his father; a much more renowned figure. So why is this all important? What Bradley seemingly offered was a likeable opponent, one who's blockbuster potential should not be limited to one go around. Money Mayweather remains in jail, and barring any lackluster rematches of opponents Manny has already demolished, there is no blockbuster until Mayweather-Pacquiao. But wait, there is. How about Bradley again? Let Manny be late to the ring and in the event that Bradley would pull the upset, fans would cry for a rematch citing excuses of some bleacher report inside scoops that Manny's ankle was greatly damaged or calves had been strained immensely. Play on the fact that Manny is a Boston Celtic fan and let the fans create some scoops of their own. But what if Manny were to dominate the fight? Well, that can be covered as well. Prefight, each camp is presented with the possibility of 10 judges, of whom a few can be eliminated. But the selection remains "random". And look ringside Saturday night and even in the pre fight lead up, the judges assembled have been burdened with a shady and incompetent reputation of some wayward scoring. Were Manny to dominate, these judges have been sketchy and look, blame will be placed upon them. And no, never will anyone accuse Manny of such knowings. I mean, well, he is Manny. The pride of the Philippines, the social worker, the congressman. Do not worry Manny, your part is easy. Be well going in defeat, fans will admire your calmness and respect in the wake of such a "blasphemous" decision. Do not place blame on anyone, take it as a loss. Your promoters and ringside will do your deed. Cries will be let out over the scoring system and judges will be called out for. And now we are angry, and we will say that boxing is dead and we will never again submit a penny of that pay per view gross value. But prefight will be hyped, a new depiction of a hungry Manny will again cash dollars as people will be cheering for Manny to do his business this time. To knockout Bradley and leave no doubt. Those in opposition will be again pulling for the more relatable champion. The one with no glamour. We will again give boxing a chance and after an apparent Manny assault that is likely to ensue and leave Bradley in a difficult place to ask for a trilogy, after a winning a controversy and going down in a demolition, a third fight will not be likely. But the calender is turning to 2013 now, no need for such a fight. Mayweather is out of jail and given the chance to train. Arum has bridged the gap that is the Mayweather jail sentence and milked another blockbuster. And do not think this is over. Mayweather-Pacquiao will be a trilogy in itself. Too big of a prize to decide on a single fight. What once was Manny waiting for Mayweather has become a string of four blockbusters lined up, each relaying their own pitch. And do not ever doubt that come November 10, 2012, respect will be salvaged enough and dollars will flow out of our pockets. We are just too far into this movie. Whether your interest is caught or lost, we have all come too far to give it up. We sense the end is coming, might as well stick around for a little longer, right? Maybe I will just watch this one in a bar..

Skipbone PM Skipbone
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Posted: 6/10/2012 8:55:37 AM
too much typing
DannoDanger PM DannoDanger
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Posted: 6/10/2012 10:46:25 AM

I stopped reading after 'Manny Pacquiao has steamrolled all competition over the past seven years'.


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