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San Francisco Player homophobic comments

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Author: [General Discussion] Topic: San Francisco Player homophobic comments
depeche2 PM depeche2
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Posted: 2/3/2013 2:00:11 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by Killer_B:

Just like dep to bring Hitler and exterminating 6M into a football player asked to give his opinion on a happy football player. All clergy are not celibate btw.

The fact of the matter is the question he was asked is miles away from your examples listed. And there should be no consequences like sensitivity training for his opinion. Maybe he knows several AIDS victims and doesn't support the lifestyle? 

You said: "You should be able to give your opinion on any topic without being crucified for it."

I have examples of topics.  Are you now qualifying your statement to say that you should be able to give your opinion on only certain topics?  Just trying to figure out what you're saying.

OK fine, not clergy then, just priests.  Proests are celibate, right?  So whatever subset it is that takes a vow of celibacy.  If gays are bad because they won't reproduce, then priests are bad for the same reason.  No?
Killer_B PM Killer_B
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Posted: 2/3/2013 3:44:39 PM
Dep - Another great comparison. A man who devotes his life to spreading the Lords word vs. a happy. Please. Not even in the same universe. 

And Catholic priests do take an oath of celibacy. The other religions leaders are allowed to marry and have children. 

And Scal, you may be correct in the 10% area, because they sure have a big voice if it was really 3-5%, largely because they have money and we all know what money does...

Again for the record I have no problem with what people do in their bedrooms as long as it doesn't affect children or trying to paint me as a bad guy for not being tolerant of the agenda. It's their choice to do what they do an it's mine to have my view of it. Fair enough?

Everyone straight and happy, please enjoy the game.

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