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Settling Question help

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Author: [General Discussion] Topic: Settling Question help
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Posted: 5/12/2012 8:34:55 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by thorpe:

You don't give up do you.  

First, you said the book wanted interest on the money, which I pointed out was less than a dollar.

Then, you said the playoffs might somehow end before the next round.

Now, you are saying " Sportsbooks are a business and business people like guaranteed money not possible money. ."

Every bet the book take is "possible"  money If they wanted gauranteed money they'd open a bank, and not take bets.  The more bets they take, the more money they make, which is why they would want to settle with the OP so he can make more bets.

And  "Now my operators that should be taking bets are arguing with people about settling a wager that is going to win but the event hasn't actually happened...."

This is not about settling a bet that hasn't won.  The OP has won his bet (unless the NHL playoffs are cancelled).  If you are saying this about a guy wanting to get paid when his team is up 3 games to 0, then that is a totally different situation.  We are talking about a situation where the OP win the same amount no matter what happens.

And if settling futures early is something gamblers want (which you admitted), why wouldn't the book accomodate this, to get more action?  Or are going to say the books don't want more action, because they don't want to take more phone calls?

Give up? You bashed my first post chiming in with your opinion so no I'm just responding to your posts.

Discussion is over on my end, thanks for the nuggets of wisdom since you are an expert on how to handle situations of rule changes at sportsbooks. Which one do you run again?

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