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What food & drink do you miss from your vacation time overseas ?

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Author: [Food & Fitness] Topic: What food & drink do you miss from your vacation time overseas ?
I-Got-5-On-It PM I-Got-5-On-It
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Posted: 1/7/2011 4:52:15 PM

For me it would be pizza from when I was in Rome, Italy.So other country in the world can come close to the quality of pizza as the Italians.Same goes for most pasta dishes.

From when I was in the States,rather unusually I miss Mountain Dew along with MilkyWay bars    You don't get Mountain Dew over here and MilkyWays are sold as Mars bars but they taste a little different and are way nicer in the States.
Also got to mention I had some fantastic orange juice and coffee in Florida but can't remember what brands they were.

From Canada, Molson Canadian

Probably more but just can't think of anything else right now

vanwilder21 PM vanwilder21
Joined: Aug 2009
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Posted: 1/7/2011 5:33:02 PM
Grand Marnier!
Messier-11 PM Messier-11
Joined: Aug 2009
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Posted: 1/7/2011 7:54:23 PM
guacamole in mexico
The Hawk PM The Hawk
Joined: Jul 2006
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The Hawk
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Posted: 1/7/2011 11:01:11 PM
French fries
Syddigs PM Syddigs
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Posted: 1/8/2011 1:22:01 AM
From Australia, a potato or shepherds pie.
yock1571 PM yock1571
Joined: Sep 2002
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Posted: 1/8/2011 11:13:17 AM

Is it just me or does beef like eye and strip steaks much different in most parts of the world?

Really enjoy red meat and have never said this is something I would come back for.

Always the first stop back home is for a great steak on the way home from the airport.


Rocafella PM Rocafella
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Posted: 1/8/2011 2:44:36 PM
Doing cocaine with Graeme McDowell
CountNo_Account PM CountNo_Account
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Posted: 1/8/2011 8:03:00 PM
thisguyiswise PM thisguyiswise
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Posted: 1/8/2011 11:34:21 PM
bbq, burger beef, and pizza are the one's i notice.  how hard is it to have decent pizza, especially in mexico?
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