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Vegas Lines out for NFL for all 16 weeks

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Author: [NFL Betting] Topic: Vegas Lines out for NFL for all 16 weeks
JohnRingo PM JohnRingo
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Posted: 5/9/2012 9:59:59 PM


Dallas Cowboys (+3) at New York Giants
Indianapolis Colts (+9.5) at Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles (-7) at Cleveland Browns
Buffalo Bills (+5.5) at New York Jets
Washington Redskins (+9.5) at New Orleans Saints
New England Patriots (-6.5) at Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars (+4) at Minnesota Vikings
Miami Dolphins (+6) at Houston Texans
St. Louis Rams (+9.5) at Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcons (PICK) at Kansas City Chiefs
San Francisco 49ers (+6.5) at Green Bay Packers
Carolina Panthers (+3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Seattle Seahawks (+2) at Arizona Cardinals
Pittsburgh Steelers (+2) at Denver Broncos
Cincinnati Bengals (+7) at Baltimore Ravens
San Diego Chargers (PICK) at Oakland Raiders


Chicago Bears (+7.5) at Green Bay Packers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+9) at New York Giants
New Orleans Saints (-2.5) at Carolina Panthers
Arizona Cardinals (+13) at New England Patriots
Minnesota Vikings (+2.5) at Indianapolis Colts
Baltimore Ravens (+3.5) at Philadelphia Eagles
Kansas City Chiefs (+2.5) at Buffalo Bills
Oakland Raiders (+3.5) at Miami Dolphins
Cleveland Browns (+7) at Cincinnati Bengals
Houston Texans (-5.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars
Dallas Cowboys (+1.5) at Seattle Seahawks
Washington Redskins (PICK) at St. Louis Rams
New York Jets (+4.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers
Tennessee Titans (+6) at San Diego Chargers
Detroit Lions (+3.5) at San Francisco 49ers
Denver Broncos (+2.5) at Atlanta Falcons


New York Giants (PICK) at Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7) at Dallas Cowboys
St. Louis Rams (+7.5) at Chicago Bears
San Francisco 49ers (-4.5) at Minnesota Vikings
Detroit Lions (-1) at Tennessee Titans
Cincinnati Bengals (+1.5) at Washington Redskins
Kansas City Chiefs (+7) at New Orleans Saints
New York Jets (+1) at Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills (-1) at Cleveland Browns
Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.5) at Indianapolis Colts
Philadelphia Eagles (-3) at Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons (+3.5) at San Diego Chargers
Houston Texans (PICK) at Denver Broncos
Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) at Oakland Raiders
New England Patriots (-1.5) at Baltimore Ravens
Green Bay Packers (-6) at Seattle Seahawks


Cleveland Browns (+10) at Baltimore Ravens
New England Patriots (-5.5) at Buffalo Bills
Tennessee Titans (+7.5) at Houston Texans
San Diego Chargers (-1) at Kansas City Chiefs
Minnesota Vikings (+9) at Detroit Lions
Carolina Panthers (+4.5) at Atlanta Falcons
Seattle Seahawks (-1) at St. Louis Rams
San Francisco 49ers (+1) at New York Jets
Miami Dolphins (+2.5) at Arizona Cardinals
Oakland Raiders (+7) at Denver Broncos
Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars
New Orleans Saints (+7) at Green Bay Packers
Washington Redskins (+1) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New York Giants (+4) at Philadelphia Eagles
Chicago Bears (+3) at Dallas Cowboys

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/las-vegas-now-point-spreads-171400071--nfl.html
mafioso PM mafioso
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Posted: 5/10/2012 3:34:20 AM

Wowe, does the NFL have it in for the packers or what

first four weeks

@ home vs San Francisco 49ers

@ home vs the Bears

@ Seattle

then @ home vs New Orleans

Seattle will not be a cupcake game after back to back games against very tough defenses then to travel all the way to Seattle then come back home to play a pissed off New Orleans team.

Hoping the Seattle line is 7.5 or more that Monday night

then Ill more than likley go against the packers when they take on the Saints.

Crazy schedule to start off for them.

depeche2 PM depeche2
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Posted: 5/19/2012 11:21:40 PM
Interesting stuff.
seminole8 PM seminole8
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Posted: 7/20/2012 4:19:38 PM
I see some good games in week 1.  The 4 I like are Pats, Chargers, 49ers, and Falcons.
shadowman666 PM shadowman666
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Posted: 7/21/2012 3:29:48 PM
bears and eagles on a parlay for sure
dimndimn PM dimndimn
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Posted: 7/24/2012 8:42:32 PM
am I the only one that thinks it's weird they already have spreads for every week already set?  What about trades/injuries/public perception etc? Changes my views on how the lines are really determined...
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Posted: 7/25/2012 10:43:09 PM
Lots of nice lines out, going to be nice seeing what some of these change too closer to game time, I can see a bunch of these games changing by 3 or more points.
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