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My futures this Season

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Not a huge futures guy, but see some HUGE value this season, really wanted to get it out there asap..........



Bills to win AFC East +150


The Bills are slowly developing into something..... I'm not sure what but something.. I loved watching them last year, defense is stout, offense was EH , have to imagine Allen takes a step forward AND addition of Diggs has to make some noise.... Patriots are done , Lost everyone, rebuilding mode, Stidham will be an okay pro but he's not a super bowl caliber quarterback right now....  I've read about 10 predictions for afc east on google and not one has Pats finishing above .500 which is actually shocking to me...... Only concern is the Bills schedule is TOUGH.....  Is there a chance Jets/Dolphins could overtake and win division ? I say NO but I favor them over the pats... Wouldn't be shocked to see pats finish 4th..... 


Chiefs +310 to win AFC......... Really have been leaning Baltimore but good friends are just convincing me this Chiefs team is the new dynasty in sports...... Might be a super bowl champ the next 2-5 years in a row...... Picking up that RB from lsu is a monster..... Afc is a 2 horse race imo, and if they get to afc championship there's always hedge opportunities, but have to assume they get there at least....


IF you dont have a chair I suggest you grab one now, you might faint from what I'm about to say.....  

Read an article and it just HIT me hard... This has been stuck with me for 2 weeks so its absolutely a play im making....


Cowboys +1800 - Super Bowl


I would say I'm a "avid cowboys fan", I like Elliot, like Cooper, hate Dak , hate idiot coach... BUT a few things have intrigued me..


1) Cowboys have had their chances in playoffs multiple times to make noise.... Bad referee calls and just flat out bad coaching..... Jason Garrett to me is worse than hue Jackson... Mike McCarthy is no slouch, Hes a really good coach.... I think things will 100% be different just how much?

2) I have no idea why DAK is getting that much money, TO ME someone knows something and this guy is primed for a breakout season ? Im reading about how they have the most potent offense in the nfl this year.. is ( Cooper/gallup/lamb) considered an insanely great group of receivers ? I dont see it at all but every analyst is saying they will be the #1 offense in the league so im rolling with it... Elliot and pollard are a great 1-2 combo and I like Blake Jarwin as a TE so maybe the offense is something to look for..?

3) The defense is the X factor..... Im reading they are bottom of the league. I just cant see a defense that has brought in Gerald mccoy, ha ha Clinton dix, dontari poe added with Sean lee , Demarcus Lawrence, vander esch, Xavier woods,  being a "bad defense" ..... Can only go UP........ They have a tricky/favorable schedule...... 

Best case scenario to me would be 1st round bye/ 1 home field game in playoffs..... To me at 18-1 this bet would profit me... Im putting 5k on this..... I think they can be 49ers/saints this year if need be.... Would be a hedge vs chiefs/baltimore obviously...... 

Dont think its worse value in the world.......

^^^^^^^^^^^ These 3 bets are 110% being places ASAP......


Bets Im looking at but have yet to pull trigger on.....


Johnathan Taylor +900 to win ROY - I think he rushes for 1300+ yards...... Indy colts line is best in nfl, just like Wisconsins, hes a 3 down back with a lot of upside, and one of my favorite all time college players....... 

Cam Akers + 2000 , just reads on him , that he underplayed in college, FSU had 2 down years but he was still a top tier back, hes already projected to start over Henderson

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Interesting selections! Cowpokes only competition for the division is Philly, so if they get in you have some decent odds.

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Quote Originally Posted by DoctorSuccess:

Interesting selections! Cowpokes only competition for the division is Philly, so if they get in you have some decent odds.


I think Dallas +105 is an EASY bet to win that division...... Dallas is not messing around this year..... The dominos are in place, will they win the championship im not sure, but NFC East should be a cupcake walk 

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Wanted to throw in some other plays I have (looking at) Would love insight...... not all football related but want to keep it here.....


NHL futures...... 


I LOVE playoff hockey, favorite playoff to watch but I honestly dont watch rarely any regular season.... I LOVE the playoff format , think its a huge draw...

I originally was leaning:

Vegas to come out of west +315 and 

Tampa Bay to come out of east +330


Tampa Bay has to avenge embarrassing 4-0 sweep of last year....... They are the best team in the league from top to bottom, maybe playing in neutral arena , with no fans will equal no pressure...... I think all these playoffs in all sports are going to be about just flat out overall talent.... No home ice, No home court in basketball, just pure heart + grit...... Tampa is a good team, VERY Good, think they will get it done this year on pure momentum....


I really really wanted to play Vegas +310 to come out of west, but Im starting to get a very iffy gut feeling they aren't going to get there........ My gut is SCREAMING Colorado........ Colorado is a GREAT road team , Vegas I feel like as probably the best home ice in the nhl..... On paper both teams are even to me , but I like to always trust my gut feelings, something says take Avalanche ......

A lot of people on blues im still skeptical about them!

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The Lightning will win the cup and I luv Cam Akers, you may have seen my thread on offensive R.O.T.Y. The Chiefs have an excellent chance to repeat IMO. 

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And I luv the Bills to win the the AFC east. They'll win that division by at least 2 games. Plus money there is money in the bank, so long as they stay healthy

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I normally don't do futures because it's so damn hard to predict. So many factors that could go wrong (such a longshot). But this year I've a selection to trade out after a while: Titans +6600. That's way off. Hope they'll have a strong start and see how far odds could drop.

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Not a Dallas fan except Staubach years.

Strangely,I can see this McCarthy thing working out.

There offensive line has been near the top for years. I think they finally put it all together this year.

I believe CeeDee lamb was the best receiver in the draft and for the Cowboys to steal him with the 17th pick was amazing.

This will make Dak better and cause a ripple effect in the running game and passing game.

Defense looks to rebound as well with several very good additions.

Lastly ,Elliott after having in my estimation a subpar year will get back to what he does best.

Picked the 49ers  to win thee NFC at good odds. Didnt have the stones ton have them win it all.

Going big with Dallas to win the NFC  and Super Bowl this year. But they will play the Baltimore Ravens and not the KC Chiefs. Also have the Braves to win the pennant.

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No fans, lol.  But they'll be gamblers.  

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I live in Dallas and hear the local sports talk shows...lots of grumbling about how McCarthy is not "doing it right" so far...some of it might be unjustified but the COVID 19 has thrown a monkey wrench in the new coach's plans and schedule ...I can see him figuring it out, but I can also see things starting out pretty rough as well...The Cowboys are going to be better just because they got rid of the entire terrible coaching staff that was entrenched for years...change can be a catalyst for good things but the learning curse is always tough...

I might put a few hundred on them to get to the SB...I don't see them beating Mahomes though...



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