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60 million US citizens contract H1N1, 12,000+ die, nothing cancelled or suspended, this is a fucking joke!

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Absolutely, but it does show us 1 thing the media still controls the narrative and is indeed in charge. 

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Swine flu...yes...60 million catch it... 300k hospitalized...actually 17k died...

Never heard a word about it in the media at those levels...why?...probably just a coincidence but Obamacare was being pushed hard by the media...not hard to see where that might have been a problem ...might have looked like the president at the time wasn't doing a good job and might not do a good job with the government running healthcare...

Nobody even thought about canceling sports...shutting down all public events...wasn't even discussed as an option...

But now?...have around 1000 cases...47 deaths...and everything is canceled...crash the economy...

For something that, in the end, will be just another comparable disease to the flu or common cold...

Smells damn dead fish...




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George Soros 

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confused..US had a population of 309Million in 2009... So 1 out of 5 was infected by H1N1 flu?  20% of the population....an_timeout  I didn't catch it and I know of noone that caught it family...friends...NOONE...

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Quote Originally Posted by Poo-pingPalace:

George Soros

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