After Solo flopped, what are the odds we actually see these rumored Star Wars movies?

Jul 4, 2018 |

After Solo flopped at the box office what are the odds Disney drops their plans to expand on the galaxy, far, far away?

Solo – the standalone Han Solo Star Wars flick – was supposed to be one of the summer’s biggest box office draws. However, fans didn’t exactly flock to the story of an outer space smuggler and his loveable Wookie, and that has folks in the Magic Kingdom thinking twice about their future plans for other Star Wars spin offs.

Rumors out of Hollywood say Lucasfilm is putting the breaks on those standalone movies, outside of Episode 9 which is schedule for release in December 2019. And even though the studio has denied those reports, it could be a while before Star Wars nerds get to geek out on movies about their most beloved characters. We at Covers had some fun setting odds on when these films will actually hit the big screen – if at all. 

Perhaps the most anticipated Star Wars project is the feature film about everyone’s favorite bounty hunter: Boba Fett. Recent reports state that Lucasfilm is going back to the drawing board with their plans for the film, looking at a lower-budget project that has writer and director James Mangold attached.

The original projected release was 2020, so that has us setting the Over/Under on “Will Boba Fett be released in 2020” at -125 and “between 2021 or 2022” at -115. Think the film will just “disintegrate”?... a little Boba Fett humor for your there… we’ve got odds on the film never making it to market at +500.

Another Star Wars movie inching its way through development is the Obi-Won Kenobi standalone film. This already had a black eye before the recent Lucasfilm rumors, losing long-attached director Stephen Daldry. Speculations were that Daldry jumped ship after seeing the salty response to Solo but it looks like he was already out the door before its release.

Given that, and the studio focusing on Episode 9 and the pending Rian Johnson trilogy, Obi-Won is a +300 long shot to get released before 2022 and priced at +120 to hit theaters before 2023. And if you think the studio is going to let ole Ben vanish into thin air – New Hope style – well the -110 odds for “never being made” are for you.

The next big Star Wars standalone feature was focused on that lean, mean, green force machine: Yoda. Last summer, a Yoda movie was on the short list of Star Wars films in development but it looks like it might have been put on ice. Voice actor Tom Kane, the man behind the backwards talking Jedi master in the Clone Wars cartoons, told an All-Star ComicCon panel that there are as many as nine Star Wars film projects on the go, but Yoda wasn’t among them.

When you toss in the cautious approach of Lucasfilm and the fact that Yoda might not even be in a concept stage, this feature is set at +225 to be released at all, with “No Yoda film” pegged as a -500 probability. To quote the little green guy, “Hold your breath, you should not”. 

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