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Author: [Tennis] Topic: The Best Capper - The Best Bet - Tennis
TexasD PM TexasD
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Posted: 8/19/2012 10:47:14 AM
Where did GoodCapper1 go?

Believe it or not, it's a GOOD thing to not always see your favorite capper EVERY day.  That's a sign of a good capper.  Good Cappers bet when there are Good Bets to be made and not Bet Just to Bet.  In other words, they are a gambler that gambles to make a profit and to protect their bankroll.

People get caught up way too much in the addiction and the fun of gambling that they subliminally forget WHY they originally started gambling in the first place; to Make Money.  Now I say subliminally because Yes, a gambler never forgets that winning is the best part of gambling,...but it's the idea that they Should Only Be Betting On Good Bets and not FLIPPING-COINS and making bets JUST BECAUSE there is a game on TV.

Technically IMO, the best tennis bets are at the Beginning to Middle of a tennis tournament when there isn't not only More Players and Matches to be picking from, but also a lot bigger Talent Gaps.

Now that we've gotten past the quarter and semi-finals, it's only getting closer to a Coin-Flip than ever.  Sure a player will win and half the people will make money, but that doesn't mean that it's in your best interest to be betting on the flip of a coin.  These two players are here in the finals for a reason...they ARE the best in the world and Now they are going head to head in the final match to see who takes home the title.

It's the only match on today besides the WTA Final and reminds me much of people gambling on the Superbowl & the BCS Championship where people bet on the games just because they are the biggest games of the year and "it wouldn't be fun if they didn't have money on it."

What happened to the old days when us gamblers could sit down and enjoy a game for what it is?....a good old-fashioned game of two of the best players/teams colliding for One Hell of an Epic match/game.  What has gambling done to a lot of us?!?!

Sure you can make a case for LSU over Alabama or Tom Brady over Eli friggin Manning, but in the end, it's just a gamble.

I came to the world of TENNIS betting to get away from coin-flipping sports such as BASEBALL.  In Tennis it is a head-2-head battle between two individual people.  There aren't variables of pitching matchups and the inaccuracies of batting averages compared to how well they really hit that night of the game.  Team sports have sooo many variables to it that it's near impossible to be profitable year after year....but tennis on the other hand, if you sit your self down and do your homework, can be Extremely profitable.

Pick and Choose Your Spots to Defend Your Bankroll and don't let gambling get the best of you.  Be old fashioned once and awhile and just sit back in your recliner with a beer and watch the epic battles that ensue.

Best of Luck
sammy_ny PM sammy_ny
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Posted: 8/19/2012 2:03:21 PM
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