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primetime/game day schedule

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BigHarold2001 PM BigHarold2001
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Posted: 4/9/2018 12:10:10 AM

anyone have any predictions for what the primetime or college gameday games this year will be?

here are mine: 

week 1-they already annouced the michigan/notre dame game will be at 6:30 on NBC. auburn/washington is the chick fil a game and that's generally at 7:00 on ABC so that's probably going to happen. west virginia/tennesseee is also a good one at a neutral site but i see that more as 2:30 on ABC just to spread them out.

i think game day is at notre dame tho.

week 2-lots of great games this week as well.i see USC/stanford as 7:00 on ABC.michigan st/ASU as a late night game on fox or FS1 or something.clemson/TAMU(gameday) has potential but i see CBS picking this up for the 2:30 slot.week 3.

USC/Texas and Ohio State/TCU are the hot tickets for this week and i dont see either of them being not night games. i think game day goes to texas just because it's a college campus unlike cowboys stadium but one of these games will be on ABC and the other will be on fox.

week 4-

 if there is a night game at kinnick stadium this year, i want it to be wisconsin vs iowa. wisconsin will be undefeated and iowa has to get passed sneaky teams to be 3-0 as well but they should be favored in those games. if TCU and Texas win the week before, their matchup could be a night game as well. nebraska/michigan and oregon/stanford are other games to consider but i think game day and primetime abc go to iowa city for the rivalry game.

 week 5

 will have another great slate... i think ya gotta pencil in ohio state/penn state for night game on fox or ABC(new big ten TV contract has me messed up) and game day to be there. stanford/notre dame will probably be night game on NBC. tennesee/georgia CBS at 2:30 IMO.

 week 6

 has some good rivalry games. miami/florida state has been a night game over the years and i dont see why this one wouldnt be either. texas/oklahoma is generally during the day. LSU/florida will probably be 2:30 on CBS and i can see  the SEC network putting bama@arkansas at night.but i think college gameday goes to florida state for this week.

 week 7-

 at this point in the season it all depends on how the teams are playing. but georgia/LSU looks like college gameday destination and CBS(either 2:30 or night game). wisconsin/michigan or michigan state/penn state will proabably get a night game as well.

 week 8-

 alabama/tennessee will prpabbly be the 2:30 game on CBS. oklahoma/TCU could be on fox and then michigan/michigan state could be on ABC for night games... a sneaky matchup for primetime game is ohio state/purdue. 

week 9- clemson/florida st is the marquee matchup for this week but if oregon and arizona are playing well and khalil tate is a heisman contender then i can see game day going there

week 10-alabama/LSU should be a night game and college gameday should be there as well.. other contenders are penn state/michigan and TAMU/auburn and if they wanted to have some fun then maybe notre dame/northwestern

week 11-not a ton of options.. but ohio state/michigan state, auburn/georgia (gameday pick) and wisconsin/penn state are the main choices

week 12-the week before thanksgiving is generally pretty weak.. if scott frost turns nebraska around, i can see gameday going to lincoln for their game against michigan state but other than that there isnt a whole lot to choose from.

week 13-so many great rivalrys this week. it's hard to imagine college gameday not going to tuscalusa for the iron bowl but michigan/ohio state is always the challenger. while the ohio state game is generally played at noon, i think gameday goes to the iron bowl(that game will proabably be at 2:30 on CBS)

im not even gonna make a prediction for the champ week lol



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Posted: 4/9/2018 11:49:26 AM
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