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My Big East predictions...

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Author: [College Football] Topic: My Big East predictions...
packers1992 PM packers1992
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Posted: 8/18/2012 1:31:48 PM

I'm not bigeastexpert but i'll give my big east picks.

8. Temple 3-8

Temple with the late move to the big east plays an 11 game schedule. LY 1st bowl win since 1979. Funny now you could consider Temple the savior of the big east when they were kicked out not too long ago. LY the defese gave up 13.9 ppg. 8 games where they gave up 14 pts or less. 10 games where they gave up less than 20 pts.. 5 of their top 6 tacklers gone. Only 8 starters back

Montel Harris is now at Temple i see 1st year struggles for the Owls

7. Syracuse 5-7

The Cuse moves to the ACC next year. I like Marrone and Nassib but i don't see them leaving the big east with at least a 500 season. Marrone 17-19 ats in his time at Syracuse. They have an interesting schedule. Good news last year they led the big east with converting 42.4% of their 3rd downs. But they had the worst big east 3rd down defense their opponenets converting 41.6%of their 3rd downs After that West virginia win they crapepd teh ebd. I'm seeing the same this year

6. Cincinnati 6-6

 Need 7 wins to be bowl eligible due to the fact they play 2 fcs teams. I don't like betting on qb's named Munchie 4 of the last 5 years they've won 10 games i see no bowl

5. Connecticut 6-6

They were were the definition of mediocre LY.I see a 5-3 start

4. South Florida 6-6

Phil Steele says they win the big east. I don't see it. I can't trust BJ Daniels. Coach Holtz's 3rd year but i don't see the 3rd year jump. LY they lost 4 games in a row for the 1st time ever.

3. Pittsburgh 7-5

They also need 7 wins to be bowl eligible as they play 2 fcs teams.6 coaches since final week of 2010 season. They might have the right guy in Chryst as they go into the ACC next year. A lot of senior starters on both sides. Better get the wins this year becuase next year i don't see it.

2. Rutgers 9-3

Schiano leaving late hurts. I was high on this team LY. I see an 8-1 start. I'd like Dodd to be the starter. 112th in rushing LY that HAS to improve. Beat goes on

1. Louisville 10-2

Coach Strong making a lot of the good ol boys who didn't hire him look foolish. He's a winner. He made me some money LY. I think Bridgewater won't have a sophmore slump. I see them losing to North Carolina and pick another 1.Louisville my pick to win the big east

Final thoughts...

Big East loses Syracuse and Pitt but adda Houston,SMU,UCF,Memphis,Boise State and San diego State. Plus Navy in 2015. If that stays that way they'd have 13 teams in 2015 so they should look for a 14th team. Army,Air Force,Villanova,whoever. The new commissioner might have the toughest job of any commissioner. Big East changes minute to minute.

You can ask 10 different fans and you'll get 10 different answers as to who wins this league. But as i wrote in my N.L. Central analysis in baseball someone wins this crap division. Someone wins this crap league and we have to suffer through another bcs bowl. Phil Steele has Oregon vs South Florida With them going to 12 teams they have to split into 2 divisons so be on the look out on here for what i think the divisons should look like. Tomorrow i preview the acc. Your thoughts on the big east?

JuiceSqueezer88 PM JuiceSqueezer88
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Posted: 8/18/2012 7:44:11 PM
I agree 100% with you. Their defense was solid last season, and they should be strong again if they have beefed up their secondary. Teddy B should have a good season too. He has some experience under his belt, and probably won't be throwing 12 picks this year.Last year he completed like 65%, threw for around 2100 yards. Bridgewater rushed for a handful of touchdowns too if I remember correctly. He should definitely be able to build on those numbers. The Cardinals finished the year strong, and I easily see them being a dominate team in the Big East this season. I took the Cards on a big play on the road at Rutgers last season. I got them like +2, and I think the line closed with them being a -1.5 favorite.
HookEmHorns22 PM HookEmHorns22
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Posted: 8/18/2012 9:32:14 PM
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