PLEASE - nobody throw anything at me because I'm NOT defending this guy or anything he said!!!

But we do not know what goes on where we aren't - one way or the other. We like to think of ourselves as
pure and driven only by good, but we don't know. And we also don't know if there aren't shenanigans going
on of a rogue booster unknown to the coaching staff. We HOPE not and we BELIEVE not, but we don't KNOW
for a fact.

Now - having qualified it.

It makes me sick that this kind of thing can even be said without at least presentation of some evidence of
SOME kind. It's one thing to say, "It wouldn't surprise me if X was cheating" or to say "I think X is
cheating," but this guy is claiming to have the goods.

But I've noticed something amazing - this allegation ALWAYS gets hurled at Alabama, and it ALWAYS comes
from teams we beat (more precisely FANS of teams we beat). Part of me is amused by it because nobody
was accusing us of cheating during the Shula era. (Well, Sylvester Croom, but I mean anyone important).

I have cousins who are UGA fans. TO THIS DAY they insist Bryant rigged the 1962 GA game that it was proven
in court he did not. My late grandfather, who was offered a scholarship to Ga Tech back in the late 1920s when
they were a powerhouse. He went to his grave thinking Bryant was the Antichrist over the Holt-Graining incident
and GT leaving the SEC. When Billy Brewer coached at Ole Miss, he blasted Jackie Sherrill as (paraphrasing) "one
of them Bear Bryant boys who got where he was by cheating."