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Casino dealer mistakes w/payouts

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Author: [Las Vegas] Topic: Casino dealer mistakes w/payouts
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Posted: 1/23/2012 10:13:17 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by gprixwvu:

i was at this casino in philly, sugar house, on a friday night after they first opened up. it had to me the most ghetto casino ive ever seen. (sorry scalabrine, but im calling a spade a spade)

so i sit down at the table and my wife is behind me just interested in getting some drinks. so the dealer looks like he just got out of jail with all these tatoos on his hands, neck and face.

so im sitting at 3rd base at a $25 BJ table. the table is all older asain women chain smoking and its really pissing off the dealer. he keeps yelling at them "to stop blowing the muthafuckin smoke in my face". you could see he was happy when they lost and upset to pay them when they won.

so i start bullshitting with him and we're cool. he actually yells at one of the ladies to get up cause shes not playing anymore, 'if you ain't playing..you cant be sittin'... then get a waitress to put her tray down and bring the chair over to my wife...it was ridiculous. 

so anyway, he starts giving me advice on my hand as long as i 'hit him off outside' when he goes on a break. he goes 'you cant be worried about that what that book says and just listen to your boy' so im thinking whatever and i see what hes doing. he starts looking at the pull card and tells me what to do.

so im sitting on a 16 with a dealer 6 up and he takes a peek at the next card, looks at me and says 'we doubling on this', im like yea whatever and signal stay, he goes 'nah man, put out some more chips on it and double it up'. so i say 'what should i do?' he says 'add 3 black to the top, and then double it up' so i do what he says and have a total of 1K on it. he adds a 5 to my 16 and the dealer breaks. i should stayed, he shoulda made 21 and everyone woulda lost.

so ultimately, no one saw anything, he went on break, i gave him his piece and he said 'anytime you need to make some change, you come to my table homie' he gave me a pound and we went our seperate ways. i never saw anything like that before in my life

thats badass 
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