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Author: [Las Vegas] Topic: LETS START A
Whalewatcher PM Whalewatcher
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Posted: 1/17/2011 5:36:29 PM

Covers sponsered party/ meet and greet at Lagassies/ Palazzo

See previous thread "Vegas Gormet?" for info


broncofn PM broncofn
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Posted: 2/17/2011 7:46:58 PM

now that we have had a bit of time to recover from superbowl weekend, lets hear everyones recap!!!  here's my trip:



my flight was delayed about 1 hour but finally got to vegas and was picked up by the limo my host sent me from venetian.  checked in, went upstairs and showered and got ready to go out.  host sent up the bottle of grey goose with mixers, started drinking, and took an ecstacy pill before i got in the shower to get the night started.  my good friend is one of the managers at hustler so i called her and she sent the stripclubs limo to venetian to pick me and some ppl up.  got there, she gave me buy 1 bottle and gave me 1 free.  had a decent time there, actually had a dance from a stripper that was bought for me from a friend that had a FAKE behind.  seriously, she had behind implants!!!  anyways, took another ecstacy pill a bit later and then went to seamless/deja vu/whatever its called now for afterhours and hookah.  again got buy 1 get one free on the bottles from a friend that works there.  while there, took another ecstacy pill and stayed there until 9 in the morning. 



couldnt sleep at all so got out of bed around 1230 and showered. went down to the cafe at venetian and tried to grab a bite to eat but had no appetite.  went to get my $550 match plays which were 5 $100 match plays and 1 $50.  went to play some blackjack and was up about 1200 after my match plays.  got up and went upstairs to try and get some rest but still couldnt sleep.  took another shower to meet some friends at 9 steakhouse for dinner.  had the bone-in ribeye some shrimp appetizer and some calamari.  about 8 ppl there for dinner.  my good friend who lives in vegas had another friend there whom i just met who is a movie producer in los angeles and he picked up the whole tab for everyone, real nice guy.  after dinner, went to some small bar at the palm to have a few more drinks and then went out to mixx and got buy 1 bottle get 1 free from another person i know.  was kind of lame there so we left and went to the new place at the cosmopolitin but i forgot the name of the place but it was a real good club.  dj tiesto was having a party at the hard rock i think but didnt end up going there.  after the club at cosmopolitian, went back to seamless/deja vu for after hours again for hookah.




got up after a few hour nap and got ready to go to south point for superbowl party.  we had 6 tix to the VIP party there which was decent.  typical food, free drinks, etc.  nothing special.  we sat in the first row in the center which i thought was too close but maybe i was just out of it lol.  had $1000 on green bay -3 and was a great game.  after the game, went back to venetian and was too tired to do anything.  my body was too drained.  so decided to just gamble for the night and played pai gow with my uncle until about 2 in the morning.  ended up losing about 200 playing 2 hands playing 40 on each and 15-20 on the bonus/envy.  had a few drinks but my body didnt want it anymore.  finally went upstairs and got in bed and slept a little until my flight monday morning. 

had a nice trip and was happy with the outcome.


lets hear everyone elses stories!!!

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