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Any Bears fans out there?

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Author: [NFL Betting] Topic: Any Bears fans out there?
glyde69 PM glyde69
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Posted: 3/10/2017 2:22:52 AM
Going into next year, first time in a DECADE I've been excited for my team. I'm not a huge homer guy, but outside of waiting for the draft so I could make Chicago my NFC dark horse team for the season(was gonna bet them to win the north, NFC, SB at giant odds), I was excited as a FAN for once.

IMO assuming everyone got healthy, I thought this team had a shot at being a top 5 defense and that's before FA and the draft.

And in the next couple months, imo, all they needed to do was grab a stud LB or a pair of "good" ones, and then maybe look to tweak and upgrade their OL. That's really it. Outside of that, tweak some obvious stuff in the draft and FA that every team is looking to do. Some added depth in secondary, OL, DL, nothing crazy. IMO the pieces already there.

At QB, first resign and then roll with Hoyer or Barkley. Hoyer better for 2017, I saw some flashes of Barkley that he could be their long term answer. Either decision I'm fine with. Resign Jeffery. Then draft and FA things I was saying. Get a LB and bulk up OL. Tweak those other spots.

And it's a winning team where if they stay healthy and things fall into place, I honestly thought they had a deep playoff run in them.

Instead and I already know their front office is among the WORST, but they:

- let Hoyer go
- let Barkley go

Who's QB??? They go and spend FIFTY million on Mike Glennon!!!

- Let Alshon go

Do they see things so different than I do? Are they rebuilding? Am I wrong about Glennon and THIS is their master plan to make the run on what I think is a very very under the radar talented team??

Ehh so awful watching my squad do this.

Anyone have any thoughts?? Someone please tell me I'm dead wrong and Chicago front office is light years ahead of what I see, and the first steps of a big 2017 run just started.
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ClubDirt PM ClubDirt
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Posted: 3/12/2017 6:36:11 PM
i was a fan of the bears last season and they rewarded us by going 6-3 ats to end the season. 

i think they have a good team and will get better.  just not so much next season.  they missed out on the better free agents.  so, that's not good.  but, the contracts they are signing for medicore talent look like short term deals, mostly one year deals.  as for glenon, you can't listen to the entire deal and judge based on that.  all that matters is what is guraranteed.  they could sign glennon to a 10 year $200 million dollar contract but if one year and $16 million and one year are all that is guaranteed (which i think is the case with glennon or close to it) then that's probably all he's getting. 

yes, glennon is garbage although there are worse starting qb's out there and he's probably better than hoyer (definitely better than barkley) and while $16 million or so sounds like a lot of money, it really isn't that much for a starting qb in today's market.

so, i wouldn't be too distraught.  i think the bears are a decent team and definitely headed in the right direction.  they'll be ok next season, probably a good under the radar team to bet on, but they won't take a big step because they didn't add any great players and fill their holes.  the smart thing is they didn't kill themselves with long term expensive contracts for average players.  if they have a good draft and continue to develop their players, they'll get better and be in a position to be very good again in 2-3 years. 
SwishSwish1234 PM SwishSwish1234
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Posted: 3/13/2017 1:26:26 PM
Why was Glennon so highly rated this year, I heard a lot of Jet fans wanting him also? Wasn't he average at best for the Bucs a few years ago?
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