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Nice comeback Soccerstar...

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Author: [Ultimate Race] Topic: Nice comeback Soccerstar...
Hockeygod19 PM Hockeygod19
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Posted: 12/19/2007 4:05:53 AM
Ya ganked my big screen! I was hating the NBA picks to choose from, but went with the Nets instead of the Lakers because of the earlier start time in case there was tie breakers involved... DAMN! Had I felt you would have went 0-2 on your early games, I would have taken them! Figures the Kings would get only their 2nd ROAD win of the season when I'm needing the Nets. How bad were you sweating those two late games you had to submit, hitting both by a combined 2 points!?!?!? I know I was sitting in the bar pulling against you for sure! Anyway, I guess I need my hometown Hawks to come through for 3rd now. My time-stamp on the pick better be 12:02 AM, as I made that pick from my cell phone while in my car as soon as I could get a refresh on the lines. The smart play should be the Blackhawks in NHL, but it has too late of a start time. Have to take a 7:00 PM game for sure. I guess I'm pulling for Wake Forest, Celtics, and Ball State tomorrow just in case Randy, Brookes, or Boop got a 12:01 AM pick in ahead of me!! How many of you are looking back at those few games that you lost a pick on in the last 20 seconds, or some fluke behind play, back door 3 pointer, missed foul shot, players falling down on the one yard line instead of a TD, etc etc..?? (I'm mainly pissed at my 10 game losing streak choke job when I was at 1 game out of first). The two that are haunting me right now are Calgary vs Panthers a week ago, when Calgary forced OT with a goal with 10.2 seconds left off after the florida defenseman blocked a shot, and Iglinia picked up the deflection to bury it, and then went on to win in OT. The other was that damn FUMBLED PUNT in the Saints vs Falcons (Monday night game last week) when I had the UNDER. Atlanta didn't do garbage all night, then New Orleans fumbles a punt and sets the Falcons up on the New Orleans 10 yard line midway through the 4th Quarter. If the Falcons had spent more time focusing on their defense assignments instead of making "Free Michael Vick Shirts" under their jerseys to display on national tv, that game total should have been 20 damn points! Anyway, enough ranting... Good luck to all, plus cut me some slack, I need a new laptop!
soccerstar PM soccerstar
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Posted: 12/19/2007 5:20:56 AM
Hey thanks hockey!! yeah I was pretty nervous after somehow Toronto giving up a 2-0 lead in the NHL with a little over a minute to go and then lose in overtime. So I was forced to pick again and then again. Good job in fighting back after your short downslide. Heck of a run. I'm sure we'll see you near the top of the next one.Good luck today.
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