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dgnerate PM dgnerate
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Posted: 12/5/2011 1:51:04 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by _keyser_soze_:

Your original post indicated you didn't think this would go over because nobody on the Dolphins would score - ergo I simply proved you wrong.  I didn't realize I was supposed to read your mind.  Here's a hint - the next time you want me to educate you - please let me know which subjects you would like to cover in advance and I'll help you out.

Thank you so much for playing!!  Your parting gift is in the mail.  

a fuckin  prospect educating another prospect

you clearly misinterpreted my constructive criticism. i was merely asking you to substantiate your one dimensional capping of the MIA/OAK game(i'm not saying that thats how you cap games). i am going to ignore this one time, but let me tell you this, if the game went under then you wouldn't be saying what you just said. you feel like you're better than most because you posted something and was right at the end, but try to practice humility and respect next time. I had MIA btw and i had them winning MIA 28, OAK 13.
pretty close if you ask me...bol to your plays!

PrimeTimeBoys PM PrimeTimeBoys
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Posted: 12/5/2011 1:58:28 AM
-LB- PM -LB-
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Posted: 12/5/2011 2:49:27 PM
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