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#1 overall fantasy pick

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Author: [Fantasy Sports] Topic: #1 overall fantasy pick
Pit952 PM Pit952
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Posted: 7/30/2012 11:28:12 AM
I will take Ryan tanihill wit the first pick
smoothd20 PM smoothd20
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Posted: 8/4/2012 10:56:14 AM
We're getting a new Fantasy League going. You guys obviously have a lot of knowledge. If you like competing PM me or post on the $25 Dime Club thread http://www.covers.com/postingforum/post01/showmessage.aspx?spt=1010&sub=100956542&page=402 Guaranteed fun and top flight competition. 
manbo54 PM manbo54
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Posted: 8/4/2012 6:33:51 PM
dont forget that  rb in dallas he was trearing it up before he got hurt.
Michfan15 PM Michfan15
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Posted: 8/22/2012 12:49:20 AM
QUOTE Originally Posted by slikstiks99:

You could make a case for Rogers or Brady.

Brady couldn't have been far behind in points.

Man. It is gonna be hard this year to pick those top RBs. They are few and far between. I wouldn't even want the top picks. I'd take last pick in a snake draft.

MY question is how early does Calvin Johnson go this year. I took him at around 10 last year in two different leagues. Can he really go that much earlier? I think that'd be a mistake to take him earlier, but I'd love to snag him at 8-10. It would be hard to take him over a Brees or Brady at that point though.

0 chance calvin drops to 8-10

any draft with not complete idiots will look something like this in various orders

foster/rice/mccoy/rodgers/brady/calvin/ maybe brees 

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