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Glenn Beck's Rumors of War 3

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Author: [Politics] Topic: Glenn Beck's Rumors of War 3
glenndef62 PM glenndef62
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Posted: 4/30/2012 11:49:10 AM

I just think that if we withdrew from the area, both militarily and in terms of foreign aid, it would be better for America

Certainly can’t argue with that, my friend.


Just one more thought.


They conquered a vast swath of the Near East, Eastern Europe, and as far west as Spain, long before we were around to provoke them.


With our era quickly coming to an end, let’s see how unaggressive

and benevolent our successors will be.     


kaponofor3 PM kaponofor3
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Posted: 4/30/2012 12:00:31 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by Ktrain:

I watched ten minutes and had a couple of questions come to mind. First, why do these Islamist groups want to attack us? Second, when did this desire to attack us start? Third, what can we do to change their ideals?

I have my own personal answers for all of these questions but I am curious to know what you're are?

1) They don't like our support of Israel, the cultural values we represent, and our overall foreign policy towards Islamic countries in general and our support for what they view as oppressive governments in their countries.

2) It started for sure with the formation of Israel but you could arguably trace it back to the Crusades if you wanted

3) Absolutely nothing

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