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looking for a laptop around $600

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Author: [Technology] Topic: looking for a laptop around $600
Rockdog PM Rockdog
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Posted: 8/23/2010 11:50:57 PM
I'm in the market for a new laptop around $600. I don't know much about computers or laptops for that matter, so I'm gonna need a little help in picking out a laptop.  I use my laptop to check emails, browse the web, watch dvd's, edit graphics and videos, play games (Need for Speed, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto).

My budget is around 600, but I'm willing to spend another 100 if necessary. 

My old laptop is 6 years old, so it's pretty much a dinosaur. I want to buy a laptop that is fairly up to date in the next 3 yrs or so and not be obsolete.  Thanks
Mikael99 PM Mikael99
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Posted: 8/24/2010 4:13:14 AM
Hi there Rockdog , i have looked at quite a lot of laptops lately. Here are some of the stuff you need to look for in my opinion.

- Processer, do not purchase anything that is previous gens models. So here you'll need either an Intel Core 3/5 or the Athlon/Phenom ADM Cores.

- Ram Make sure you purchase a laptop that can be upgraded to more than the 4 GB it comes equipped with.

- For gaming you need a decent graphics card

 From what you are describing it sounds like you need a medium end laptop that can do a bit of everything. It is a bit of a trade-off because what do you value most. The gaming or the overall experience.

Gaming laptops will usually be heavier in lbs and price than the standard multimedia laptops.

If i was you i would go with an I5 core 4 gb ram (upgradeable to 8), 15.6 monitor.

If i was you i would go with the MSI Fx600. 799$ at Newegg but listed at 899 from MSI.  That is the one i am going to get.

Why that one?

I5 core 450M  (pretty good processor)
4 gb's ddr3 ram but upgradeable (the cheaper ones might not be)
Express card slot - > you can upgrade to usb 3.0 later
Medium range nvidia graphics card 1gn ddr3
Great speakers better than normal ones
Chicklet keyboard - easy for typing

You will not get any laptop with better specs in that price range.



dbnmln PM dbnmln
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Posted: 8/30/2010 4:34:06 PM
64bit OS Windows 7 if you want a Microsoft OS.  64bit allows you to go over 4gb worth of memory.
dudesenior PM dudesenior
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Posted: 9/26/2010 12:24:05 PM
look out for a Dell.....in my opinion is one of the best brands
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