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2 featured backs..... but not for long

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Author: [Fantasy Sports] Topic: 2 featured backs..... but not for long
vetdrm PM vetdrm
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Posted: 8/4/2012 1:53:26 PM
Two backs I predict will lose there starting status by week 4 [or sooner]

1] James Starks out    Alex Greene   in

Alex Greene is already outperforming him in camp.
Starks was  not totally healthy coming in.
Just a matter of time 

2] Shonn Greene out  Bilal Powell  in

While this prediction is not as strong as the GB job  it should be noted that  Jets management has been looking for a solution at  running back during the off season, and [imo]  it looks like Powell will be the featured back there soon.

Both are  a must pick up in mid- rounds
cuwgolfer PM cuwgolfer
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Posted: 8/5/2012 6:45:13 PM
I am a huge Green Bay fan from Wisconsin, You are completely wrong about starks. Green bay is going to use him alot this year and he will be the featured back. He has great hands out of the backfield and the reason we didnt sign Grant is so that Starks sees more touches. Alex Green is good and has been doing good in Camp but the Packers are raving about starks and what he has to offer so Green beating out starts will not happen as Starks will be GB's back all year. 

Shonne Green on the other hand sucks and you could be right about that. Do not draft ANY jets this year in fantasy.
vetdrm PM vetdrm
Joined: Nov 2003
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Posted: 8/5/2012 7:24:49 PM
Then you must be an uninformed huge packer fan.

Either way, we shall see.
slikstiks99 PM slikstiks99
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Posted: 8/6/2012 2:45:49 AM

Firstly, who cares about Packers rbs anyway?

Secondly, that is a bold and stupid prediction about Shonn Green. That guy is poised to have a great season. He played hurt much of last year. Your argument should be about Tebow snaking goal line carries.

Bilal Powell..........

Getty3 PM Getty3
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Posted: 8/6/2012 5:22:24 PM
Every time I watch Shonn Greene, he looks like he's running in slow motion. I trust my eyes, and believe there has to be a better option for the Jets sooner rather than later. Bilal Powell you say...I may be interested. 
vetdrm PM vetdrm
Joined: Nov 2003
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Posted: 8/6/2012 6:14:13 PM
Ahh..Sliksticks...I dont know where to begin with you.

Are you 14 or were you just under thee influence when you posted that gibberish.[ No offense to the 14 year olds.. ]

First off, it was a prediction predicated  with thee idea in mind that there are always going to be players losing there respected  positions year in and year out weather it be due to injury, better play,contract issues or otherwise.

Where did Chris Johnson come from when he took the job away from Lendale White? Most had no idea that would happen
for the Titans that year.

How bout Arian Foster taking over For stud running back Steve Slaton.

Oh yes and then theres that guy for Minnesota that replaced Michael Bennet in 08.

Could happen in Jacksonville when Drew - Jones doesn't  report to camp and the job goes to Mr Rachard Jennings.


So bold as it may be, if your into fantasy football at all,sooner or later you have to look at some other possible scenarios in the later rounds. You know after all the Calvin Johnson's and Ryan Matthews are long gone. 

Getty, Worth a look in the late rounds if you have the space.

gl this year

mischkin04 PM mischkin04
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Posted: 8/7/2012 8:27:30 AM

     Food for thought. Stark's history and the team he's on places him in a low risk spot in mocks. I don't see drafters scooping him up in early rounds as a second RB anyway.

   It should be Greene's job to lose in New York in a run oriented offense. He's another player to tread lightly on with Tebow scarfing touches once the Jets reach the twenty.     



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