-12.44 units

Had the race pretty much pegged last week but the unpredictability of plate racing got me again. That is how this year has gone for me.


5 units Bobby Labonte (-160) over Casey Mears
The largest play I've made in 3 years. A small risk involved but per Mark Garrow and confirmed by crew chief Bootie Barker the 13 of Casey Mears is a start and park today, so if the usual steady Labonte can stay out of trouble during the first part of the race this should be good.

2 units Denny Hamlin (-120) over Jimmie Johnson
Small bit of hesitation due to the Gibbs engine woes but its obvious that Hamlin is the man to beat today

2 units Martin Truex (+120) over Kevin Harvick
Really like the MWR cars today


1.5 units Denny Hamlin (+500)
Going in this is the guy to beat

0.4 unit Clint Bowyer (+1600)
0.4 unit Martin Truex (+1700)
0.15 unit Brian Vickers (+8000)
Also like Kyle Busch but his inconsistency(mechanical) made me back off and like Kasey Kahne as well (could regret not playing him)....but would not be surprised to see MWR pull out a win if Hamlin falters

Good luck!