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Anyone get the new Nas album?

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Author: [Music] Topic: Anyone get the new Nas album?
glyde69 PM glyde69
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Posted: 7/26/2012 5:52:00 PM

I've been a huge fan of his from the beginning.  Definitely IMO a top 5 rapper of all time.  His last few albums have slowly but surely fallen off.  Hip Hop is Dead was decent, but uneven and all over the map with the guests and production.  person album completely sucked(although there were 3-4 tracks where I glimpsed at why Nas was once my favorite emcee).  Distant Relatives was a friggin disgrace imo.  I know some people are gonna defend it and say it's different and how important it is.  BLAH.  I wanna hear I Gave You Power not some soul searching horse garbage with some rambling mushmouth from Jamaica.

Anyway, Nas has fallen off.  His new album releases and I don't even realize it(once upon a time I counted the days for new Nas).  I happened to go on itunes for something and I see LIFE IS GOOD by Nas and honestly for a split second, I thought about not even downloading it.  In the end, I picked it up, and boy what a friggin surprise.

Fantastic album!  His best album in a long long time.

jmw59 PM jmw59
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Posted: 8/2/2012 8:54:15 PM
Nazz - Todd Rundgren's first band
glyde69 PM glyde69
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Posted: 8/3/2012 4:32:46 AM

Rundgren was the man.

"It was late last night
I was feeling something wasn't right
There was not another soul in sight
Only you, only you
So we walked along,
Though I knew there was something wrong
And a feeling that feels so strong about you
Then you gazed up at me and the answer was plain to see
'Cause I saw the light in your eyes"

Reminds me of my ex. 


Dutch1976 PM Dutch1976
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Posted: 8/4/2012 3:51:19 AM
It's hard to get excited about new albums anymore. I'll still buy a cd from certain artists..like Tool. 
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Posted: 10/4/2012 11:54:42 PM

its a good cd


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