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how to live in las vegas on a 2k bankroll

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Author: [Las Vegas] Topic: how to live in las vegas on a 2k bankroll
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Posted: 6/11/2012 4:58:09 AM
this post gave me the idea, but it was clear op would not be able to execute such a plan (plus he gotten plenty of advice), so i thought i'd start a new post.

DISCLAIMER: i am not endorsing quitting your job and moving to las vegas with essentially no money.  YOU DO NOT HAVE THE SKILL-SET OR DISCIPLINE REQUIRED TO PULL IT OFF.  if you did, you would have already done something similar by now.  if you were to do this, EVEN IF YOU WERE SUCCESSFUL, IT WOULD BE THE MOST MISERABLE SUBSISTENCE, not this exciting adventure you're imagining.  i don't know why people find las vegas so glamorous.  DON'T TRY THIS.

live in las vegas for permanent/indefinite amount of time

no job
no bills other than day-to-day living expenses

proven ability to beat limit poker (at least at low levels) - not difficult skill-wise, but requires huge amounts of patience and discipline
$2000.00USD cash total bankroll
1 duffel bag with clothes and personal items
bus/plane ticket to las vegas

1) open an acct at wells fargo and deposit my bankroll
2) find a cheap room to rent weekly
3) get a player's club acct at treasure island and head to the poker room.  They pay up to $10/hr cash plus $2/hr food comps plus AA cracked 11am-6pm plus other big-hand bonuses.
4) play very-tight 3/6 limit hold'em on $100 buy-ins for 10-12 hrs a day, 6 days a week.

if you beat the game for just 1/2 a big bet an hour, playing 60 hrs per week you'd net $779 per week (the equivalent of a $14/hr job with 20 hrs of MANDATORY OVERTIME and NO BENEFITS).  The upside is your hours would technically be very flexible and you could come and go as you please, though you's probably see a huge decline in income as a result.  you would also accrue $120 in food comps per week, so, other than tipping, you could essentially eat for free (though i'm certain you'd be sick of their menu within 3 months).

anti-climatic, i know.  you were expecting some great secret, but there is none.  just this looooooooong horrible grind where you have literally no life outside of a poker room that will have you wishing and begging for a "normal" life.
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