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Is this a joke?

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Author: [Ultimate Race] Topic: Is this a joke?
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Posted: 1/30/2011 6:37:12 PM

Is it some sort of joke that they have us picking the nhl allstar game? no one can predict the winner its 50/50 bullshit. why not the probowl? congrats to the people that picked the winner and regardless if i win or lose this is friggin garbage how some people put in time and effort to research and make the correct picks and then they throw in the nhl allstar game. what a joke.

cwfoot PM cwfoot
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Posted: 1/30/2011 9:22:18 PM
Yea , I agree thats why I waited till after the All Star game to make my final picks. Still didnt matter I went 0-4 today but stilll in the top 50 :)
Chevyguy24 PM Chevyguy24
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Posted: 1/30/2011 11:52:03 PM
yeah i waited til after so i didnt have to pick that toss-up game either
karkeskam PM karkeskam
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Posted: 1/31/2011 12:34:02 AM
I went ahead and picked it as it was an automatic.  Better hope you don't lose by 1 or you'll kick yourself
derekanderson PM derekanderson
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Posted: 1/31/2011 2:30:05 PM
while the hockey game is (was) a 50/50 prop, so is just about any game you get to choose with the spread. That's the point of a point spread to hopefully get 50/50 action. I'm not sure on the research some perform, but I wish those people luck. Because contrary to what people may think, this is a game of luck in many and most ways. My research is simple, if it looks too good to be true, take the opposite side of the wet dream. Because people know these things better than me. And I've been up and down the gambling hell of life. My bookies favorite saying was awesome, "The more you bet, the more you can win!" If anything this game I hope helps people realize that those guys on TV and in the media lie their collective fools off about their 90% win records.      
lightsout2184 PM lightsout2184
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Posted: 1/31/2011 6:48:51 PM
its funny how we all get so passionate about these contests. over 5000 people are playing so i really wouldnt lose sleep over it until ur in the top 10 with a couple of days to go.
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Posted: 2/2/2011 5:17:41 PM
Like I say to anyone complaining about anything in regards to this competition. If you don't like it don't play.

"Here you want this watch? I don't wear it anymore."
"Yea, I'll take it...but...its not a Rolex?"
Johnny_Hazmat PM Johnny_Hazmat
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Posted: 2/2/2011 6:03:52 PM
I think I was more surprised that they didn't have the over/under for the NHL All-Star game than the game itself.  Then again, can't remember the last time an NHL All-Star game went under.
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